Aspiring Authors Autumn Blog Tour: Bonnie Bernard

pizap.com13774478264731 (2)The Autumn Blog tour welcomes Bonnie Bernard!  Bonnie Bernard is the alter ego of a fiery redhead who lives in the Rocky Mountains with her husband, Doug. They share their old haunted home with a mutt named Gilligan and a pair of spoiled rotten cats.

Bonnie likes to write paranormal fiction, play outside, make a difference in the world, and eat obsessive amounts of dark chocolate and hummus (but not together). She is a two-time demolition derby champion, a doggy foster mom, and she paid her way through college by clowning around.

Bonnie has eight published works. Her contact information is as follows:

Email –
Facebook –

Twitter – @BonnieBernard

Book(s): Rest Inn Peacewhich can be purchased via Amazon, Smashwords, and her website


The Beginning – Fairy Bad

“Prepare to die.” Unsheathing a knife from his well-worn leather waistband, the robust fairy with the fragile pink wings directed its tip at Cobra’s chest.

“What the hell?” Cobra exclaimed, releasing the Harley’s throttle and grabbing the brake a little too hard as the flying menace appeared from thin air and flew straight at his oncoming motorcycle.

“Hell has nothing on me, white man.” The fairy landed ten feet in front of the motorcycle as Cobra lowered his left foot and forced the bike to a squirrely stop. Zoe’s head knocked against his back.

“Ow,” she complained. “My nose. Why’d you stop so suddenly?”

1012638_3103479203727_2138057901_n (2) “Unexpected incoming object,” Cobra answered, his gaze focused on the seven foot tall creature holding the knife, its blade glinting against the afternoon sunlight. If the monster had jumped in front of the bike while Cobra and Zoe were still barreling down the highway at sixty mph instead of lumbering up a dirt driveway at ten, there’d be no preparing – they’d already be dead.

“Warn me next time,” Zoe griped. “My nose is all bent out of shape now.”

 When isn’t it? Cobra thought.

Craning her neck over his shoulder to scan the scene ahead, Zoe scoffed. “And I don’t see any incoming object, Dad. Stop BS-ing me.”

“Yeah, BS-ing,” Cobra muttered as he glowered at the winged creature before him. The creature glowered back – enormous, ferocious, and with a Native American savagery Cobra had only seen in old cowboy movies. Snuggles, strapped in the pet crate behind Zoe, yapped and growled.

“Your child does not see me,” the fairy said in a booming voice befitting his size.

“Good,” Cobra muttered under his breath. The less crazy crap Z got exposed to, the better.

“But that doesn’t make me any less real,” the giant clarified with a flutter of his dainty wings. “Don’t speak, white man. Just listen. I understand you are Selma’s grandson. Now you understand something; it’s my job to protect this property from ex-con shitheads like you. My name is Billy, I’m the guard dog here, and I’ll rip off your scalp and shove it up your ass before I’ll let harm come to this peaceful place. Got it?”

Cobra silently nodded because saying, “kiss my ass, fairy man” seemed reckless and stupid.

“Good.” Billy grinned scornfully. “Keep the peace, or die. It’s that simple.” He retracted the knife, fluttered his wings some more, and disappeared just as quickly as he’d shown up. Cobra blinked hard and shook his head.

“Hey, Dad,” Zoe jabbed her finger against his shoulder. “Who’s that lady on the porch?”

Cobra planted his other foot on the ground and killed the Harley’s engine, trying to shake away the freaky image. Then he glanced up, his gaze following the long, dirt driveway to its curve in front of a white Victorian farmhouse with red trim. On the old-fashioned wide porch stood an attractive brunette in white stretchy pants, a matching tank top, her hair done up in a messy bun. She pushed her glasses up higher on the bridge of her nose like a geek girl then folded her arms across an abundant chest. A fat, fluffy beige cat stretched out on the table beside her. The pair surveyed Cobra suspiciously from under a sign that read: Welcome to Rest Inn Peace…Where Life Begins At The End Of The Road.


Bernard’s latest works include Rest Inn Peace, Supernatural Mystery Fiction (Mature YA and adult). When asked what attracted her to this genre she said, “My favorite imaginary friends live in the supernatural world.”

The research involved in Bernard’s work, Rest Inn Peace is set in the valley where she lives by Yellowstone National Park, so she says she just looked around and wrote the “good stuff” down. She said, “We have plenty of fairies who gave their opinions on things too.”

pizap.com13714101436001 (2)When I asked her to talk about one of her characters, this is what she said:  “Zoe Carpenter is the twelve year old protagonist who gets pulled out of her nice, cushy home in New York and plunked down in Podunkville Idaho. Now she’s surrounded by zombies, farting dragons, and a serial killer. Plus, she’s got a crush on a green fairy boy, and that’s not going over well with her dad.”

I asked her about balancing her time. She said, “Balance? Ha. I cram stuff in every morning and night. My home is usually a mess, but somehow I do manage to fit in Breaking Bad episodes.”

Bernard is inspire by “all authors.” When asked about publishing, she indicated that it wasn’t the publishing aspect that was difficult, but rather the promoting aspect. She also has a few more works in progress: “I have a few short stories in the works and a book two for Rest Inn Peace. Plus…a surprise for the Howie Evil fans (he’s from the Midnight Hunter trilogy).”

She told me that she has been writing non-fiction for two decades. Bernard decided she wanted to be a writer at the age of six. She scribbled poems all over her friend’s mother’s brand new painted living room walls with permanent markers. Bernard says she was prompted booted from the house forever, but she realized that writing leaves a lasting impression.

Her wish: “That my characters live and breathe in the minds of many, many readers.” When asked about her support of charities, she said, “Oh yeah. Probably too many to list here without boring you senseless. I volunteer at my local soup kitchen, our local humane society, and I’m an active member in several local programs pertaining to minority groups…one of my favorites is for our LGBTQ locals. I attend city council meetings, stay up late crafting legislation, and often wind up on the local news. A picture from one of our recent social justice activities went viral across the internet. I’m proud of that. I also work with nature trail management groups, because we live in a beautiful area.

A percentage of the proceeds from my books goes to my favorite local causes. But it’s not always about writing a check. For instance, for every five Midnight Hunter trilogy reviews that show up on Amazon, I donate something yummy to my local soup kitchen and then stay there and cook it up for lunch to feed the homeless/poor people in my city. In that case, I am mimicking a character from the trilogy that everybody who knows me says reminds them of me. Her name is Mo and she volunteers faithfully at her local soup kitchen.

I truly do a ton of volunteer work on behalf of social justice. It’s what I was born for.”

The hardest thing about being an author in Bernards opinion is marketing, promoting, and selling. When asked what her favorite thing about being an author is, she said, “Everything NOT related to promoting, marketing, and selling.”

When I asked Bernard what she wanted people to know about her, she said, “My passion for promoting good in the world is in every one of my stories. Yes, it’s buried under mountains of supernatural strangeness – because I don’t write morality tales. But it’s in there. If you get a chance, please see if you can find it, get a feel for it, and then consider going out and doing something in your world to promote goodness as you best see fit. ”

Thanks you so much Bonnie Bernard for being a part of the first annual Autumn Blog Tour. Hope you enjoyed he interview everyone!


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