Aspiring Authors Autumn Blog Tour: Nina Mason

A dream is all it takes to become a writer. I proud to present an aspiring author, Nina Mason. She is not yet published, so I want to thank her for going out on a limb and interviewing with me. Nina’s contact information is below:


Blog/website URL:

Facebook author’s page:

Twitter: nina mason @gemdelovely

Book Title (s) The Queen of Swords, The Knight of Wands, The Tin Man

Nina Mason has been a journalistic writer and avid reader of fiction all her life and has made a couple of stabs at novel writing over the years. She turned more seriously to the craft five years ago when the economic downturn dried up her other business–a small communications and advertising agency. At present, she has three viable manuscipts looking for publishers: two paranormal romances and a political thriller. One of the paranormal romances is slated to be the first in a series. On a more personal note, Nina lives in Woodstock, Georgia, with her husband, teenage daughter, two rescue cats, and a Westie named Robert. She also works as a home staging consultant and dollmaker.

Her latest work is The Queen of Swords, a contemporary paranormal/urban fantasy. The reason she’s drawn to the genre is because she’s always been interested in the occult, magic, myth and Scotland. Her books combine those elements. She explained that the way she writes is that she begins with an idea and she does some basic plotting. She then proceeds scene by scene. She said, “I tend to think in layers—ideas come little by little as I’m working on a manuscript rather than all at once.”

Mason said she researches everything. She talked about one of her characters, Cathleen. She said, “The heroine is Cathleen “Cat” Fingal, 28. She’s English, a solitary white witch who’s always felt as if she’s been waiting for someone or something. She reads tarot cards, is into vampire novels and Scottish historicals, teaches at a university specializing in the occult, and believes she’s the oldest living virgin in the British Isles who hasn’t taken a vow of celibacy—a title she’s ready to relinquish!”

She compared herself to Anne Rice when asked how she balances her time. She said she writes “obsessively.” She explained that Anne Rice is also a writer she admires as well as Diana Gabaldon and Deborah Harkness, just to name a few.

Her perception of being published is that it is validation for the time spent writing and not earning money! She said, “I know promoting the book will be a lot of work and I’m trying to get up to speed and establish a presence in social media before I get a contract—so I can hit the ground running when I do.”

Mason shared with me what her current projects are: “I’m working on a four-book series tentatively titled THE KNIGHTS OF AVALON. Each book will focus on a different ‘knight’—a drone of an amazonian colony of blood-drinking faeries called Lamians. They’re ruled by a queen (like beehives) and use drones for breeding and sexual purposes. Knights serve the queen, common drones, her courtesans. The books tell the stories of four different knights living in modern-day Scotland, some free, some still fully or partially enslaved. There is a prophecy that a natural-born drone will overthrow the queen, so all drones who are born are immediately killed. The conscripted drones were taken from Scotland’s most famous battlefields. Each book is a story of love and redemption. The final book—THE KNIGHT OF SWORDS—will tell of the natural-born drone of the prophecy, who is the son of one of the other knights in the books. The first book (WANDS) is under review now by several publishers. I’m working on the second (CUPS). The third (PENTACLES) will be loosely based on the old Scottish ballad of Tam Lin.”

Mason intends to use social media, book signings, and reviews to market her work. As far as how many years she’s been writing, she said, “I’ve been writing since I could hold a pencil (in fact I won a library-sponsored writing contest when I was a kid on the topic of being a pencil). I wrote a romance a couple of decades back but shelved it and didn’t try again until about five years ago—after reading Twilight and thinking, “Heck, I could do that.” I was so wrong! Fiction writing is harder than it looks!”

Mason said that she usually starts coming up with ideas for her books with a “kernel” of an idea and try to expand it until it takes shape. Her vision is to build a following of people who appreciate her voice and her work.

I want to thank Nina for interviewing with me and I one day hope to officially welcome her as a published author!

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3 responses to “Aspiring Authors Autumn Blog Tour: Nina Mason

  1. Thanks for featuring me, Tracee. As it happens, I’ll be joining the ranks of published authors in the spring. Just sold The Knight of Wands (book one in an erotic paranormal romance series) to Soul Mate Publishing. Yay.


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