Spiritus Walking with Author Tracee Ford on YouTube: Ghosts

Tomorrow night’s episode of Spiritus Walking will cover a discussion about ghosts, so that is what tonight’s blog is about. So are ghosts real? Or… are the figments of our imagination? There are thousands of documented accounts of ghost encounters. In fact, there are different types of ghosts. Let’s start there. Let’s explore the different categories.

There are human ghosts. These are individuals that haven’t crossed over for some reason. Many believe if someone dies as a result of a traumatic event they are more likely to become stuck. These particular ghosts are known as earth bound spirits. Often they require help to pass on. This leads us to the possibility of a human being possessing a soul.

It is my personal belief that each of us has a soul or are made up of energy, if you will. Evidence based research tells us that energy cannot be destroyed. It can be changed, but not destroyed. So, if you happen to agree with my theory what happens at the time of death? That is the million dollar question isn’t it? It only makes sense if we are made of up of energy and we die, that energy has to change in some way, thus ghosts or earth bound spirits.

Many feel that earth bound spirits or ghosts can and do interact with the living. As I said, there are many, many documented accounts of this interaction. My hope is that in discussing this, your fear of ghosts might subside. We all have ghosts surrounding us at all times. No we can’t see them, or at least most of us can’t, but they are there.

Residual hauntings is the next category we’re going to discuss. These types of ghosts are believed to be in a constant repeat. They are constantly repeating their own history. They’ve left their mark by their space in time. These ghosts typically do not interact with people. For example, you may see a soldier marching in a particular spot or a woman standing at the same window day in and day out. This isΒ  an example of a residual haunting.

Messenger ghosts are the third type of spirit we’re going to talk about. These are the most common. These types of ghosts usually show up soon after their death. They know they have died and often come back with a message to those they’ve left behind. They can offer comfort. They are thought to only appear once, but I disagree with this.

When we sleep, our defenses our down. The conscious self is at rest leaving an open door to things that we may miss during waking hours. Many spirits can use dreams to interact with us. I do not believe the human spirit is limited once the flesh falls away. In fact, I think we are free when we die, so the possibilities to interact with others is limitless. I believe our physical bodies hold our souls captive, but when we die we can go anywhere and cross through to different dimensions.

Lastly, poltergeists are the most feared ghosts. These spirits usually have the ability to impact the physical worlds, sometimes in a very negative manner. Objects being moved without explanation. Glasses flying across the room. Banging on walls. Footsteps in the hallway or on the stairs. These situations are most likely the result of poltergeists. They can even hide objects from us. Moreover, they can physically attack people. They are the most closely related to demons that there are.

So are ghosts real? Skeptics say, “no.” However, for those of us that have experienced ghost activity and interaction, they are very real.


3 responses to “Spiritus Walking with Author Tracee Ford on YouTube: Ghosts

  1. Great post–and I have been of the same mind as you for a long time. I notice you didn’t mention “shadow people”–are you like me, and believe these are quite possibly demonic?


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