Aspiring Authors Autumn Blog Tour: Arthur Crandon

102_0107I’d like to welcome Arthur to the blog tour. Arthur Crandon is a lawyer, blogger, reviewer and published author.  He was brought up in rural Somerset in the UK, but left the rolling hills and cider for the warmer climes of Asia, where he has spent time in the Philippines and China, but now lives in Hong Kong – where cider and fish and chips are more readily available.

When he is not lawyering or writing he enjoys playing the piano (classical) , fishing and occasionally drinking red wine.  He is an active member of the Hong Kong Writer’s Circle and spends a lot of time helping other authors to market their books. You can find, learn about, and contact him at

‘Deadly Election’ – the first thriller book in his ‘Asian Intrigue’ series has many five star readers reviews and is available in paperback and ebook  from Amazon and other major book retailers:

His contact points are as follows:






Instagram: deadlyelectionbook



To Buy or Check out Deadly Election:


s Virgil entered the cave, the crate slipped from his grasp, he stumbled to his knees. The sudden pain in his left side sapped his remaining energy, his emaciated old body crumpled onto the dusty stones. A trail of blood seeped out from under him—the close range shot had shattered his kidney and punctured his lung.
 Kodama, the young officer, pointed his Nambu pistol at one of the younger men cowering in the corner.
“You! Pick it up.”
The lad scrambled forward to take Virgil’s place in an effort to stay alive, at least for a few more minutes. Breath came in short, painful gasps for Virgil, but he could see what was going on around him. The screams of his youngest daughter, Racquel, filled the air.
“No. Please, I beg you, no. No hurt me, please.”
Her broken sobs fractured her feeble English.
She was less than ten feet from him, but there was nothing he could do for her. She lay on the ground in a state of near undress, with firm hands holding her struggling body. The young sergeant and his three men laughed, as if drunk. Two of them held an arm each. She’d lost her blouse in the struggle a while ago and her young breasts wobbled as she struggled. This amused the men to no end.
“Hold her still. How can I do it if you won’t keep her still,” barked the Sergeant.
Virgil’s head now lay on the floor with blood dripping from the corner of his mouth. He was facing the rape. The third man wrestled with her skirt, but her squirming made it difficult and he lost patience.
Deadly Election Cover MEDIUMWhen I interview Arthur, he said that he is working on a sequel to Deadly Election. It’s title is called Ninety Percent . Both are political thrillers, with lots of intrigue and sex thrown in.
When asked how he composes his novels, he said, “Well, I try to plan, but in reality I write and write – going off in all directions as I go, and then tidy up afterwards.”
Regarding research for his novels, Arthur said that there was some research involved concerning the Japanese occupation of the Philippines during the second World War, and also of the Philippine political situation and constitution.
All writers have a favorite character in each and every novel they write. For Arthur, it was Chloe. The young and beautiful wife of a corrupt old Senator – she has to face challenges way beyond her years.
Time is always so hard to balance. This is what Arthur had to say on the subject, “I don’t, very well.  I am quite good at making lists, I try to follow them but real life usually gets in the way. I am a bit of a butterfly with a short attention span (I am a typical Gemini).”
Some of his favorite authors are John Grisham and Stephen King.  He appreciated the style of Grisham, but says, “I have a way to go yet before I would dare compare.”
When asked about his publishing experience, he said, “It is a soul destroying but character building experience.  Many disappointments.” He goes on to say that he has met some very wonderful authors in the process and that they have helped him in many ways.
Arthur said that he has tried everything in marketing and is still trying. He says he is very active on social media and promotes his book in Hong Kong, where he currently resides. He has also used Twitter to promote his work and feels that it is a good platform for his novels.
He has always wanted to be a writer. He says that his one wish is for his writing to provide a comfortable income for him.
As an author, he feels that giving back is very important and has deeply rooted interested in Amnesty International. He expressed feeling very passionately about civil rights abuse worldwide
The most challenging obstacle for Crandon is finding the time to write. He feels that the best thing about being an author is when he receives positive emails from readers or sees nice reviews of his work on Amazon.  He concluded by saying that the most important thing he wanted readers to know about him and his work was this, “Probably one of the unique things about my work is the insight it will give the reader into the real life world of corruption and danger in the Philippines. And it is and enjoyable and exciting read.”
Thank you so much Arthur for sharing your thoughts and for a great interview. I know everyone enjoyed learning more about you!

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