Aspiring Authors Autumn Blog Tour guest Lisa Williamson


Welcome Lisa to the first annual Aspiring Authors Autumn Blog Tour! 

Lisa has been writing from a very early age and she has always been fascinated by stories where the characters go through changes and develop strength from great trials. She prefers the genres of fantasy, science fiction and horror over the general fiction. By placing her characters in fantastical settings she allows them to grow and develop in ways that just can be done in a real world setting.

Published in the early days of the ebook movement in a CDRom book that saw little movement, she has now taken to the digital age with style. She plans to continue writing and hopes that these children of her heart find homes with caring readers who are willing to look beyond the normal to the fantastical.

titleBook Title: Gates:  From One Reality to the Next


Halloween Pranks and Mischief

By Lisa Williamson

A Guardian of the Gate City tale

Another fall was coming on strong. The hot summer gave way to cooler temperatures and the bright colors of autumn.  Being native to the area I wasn’t as crazy for the foliage as some but then that is because I have dealt with enough nutcases daily.  Visiting dignitaries from the various non-human races would come by around Columbus Day carting cameras and maps.  Sometimes they behaved, other times I had to break up ‘discussions’.  Why the heck they stopped in my city I had no idea.  The foliage was better up in the White Mountain range but for some reason they all stopped in my city.

Okay this year there was some type of summit being run up in the new glass tower on Amherst Street.  It explained why they were still here two weeks later.  By Halloween these beasties should have been out of town, or so I had hoped.  After all believe it or not All Hallows is usually the easiest night for me.  The nonhumans usually were laying low and celebrating in their homes instead of out being jackasses like the humans.

Now that glass tower was a place to see.  Filled with fancy offices for those who could afford a better place than the little room I had off of Main Street.  The tower had some really nice conference rooms and a staff to set up food and drink, even if the participants had need for less than normal food.  It being right across the parking lot from the Crowne Plaza I guess was a good thing.  Not that I knew much up that way.

The north end of town was supposed to have a new face covering problems but the kid was in training last I knew.  Didn’t know much about the new kid but that was nothing new.  After all the kid wasn’t another Guardian.  Thanks to the up tick in crime all over we were spread thinner than usual and I wasn’t being offered a replacement for Michael, so I was covering a lot of territory now.  Yeah the city might be small compared to some but thirty square miles of city needed more than one protector.  Guardians were able to kick butt and take names but we can’t be in more than one place at a time.  I let it be known that I was covering what I could but that little things that could wait would have to wait.

So when things started acting up in the hotel the manager called me.  It was odd really, the manager was a normal that knew about Others but still I didn’t get a lot of calls from normals.  Most of them just ignored what was going on or called one of those paranormal investigators that were so popular on television.

I pulled my truck up into the far lot and sat back.  This part of town was over built in my opinion.  What used to be fields and trees was a lot of glass and steel now.  The moneyed had been moving into this part of town, bringing in their expensive toys.  It brought in work for those who supported those toys, which helped the local economy so that was a good thing.  There were more shops selling things than you would believe a city like this would need.  Or so I believe..  While I could care less what toys they had, it was their effect that bugged me.

The more people and their electronics the more the Other element started acting up.  Something about the Wifi and the less than corporal.  I grabbed my bag and headed in.  The sun wouldn’t be setting for a few minutes yet, which as a good thing for me, gave me time.  The disturbances tended to start about an hour after sundown generally and that gave me just enough time for me to get in and investigate. Just what was causing the patrons to leave I wasn’t sure but then I hoped I could get some information from a resident before things started up.


Charles Hudson was a weasly little man, who favored shiny suits and bad comb overs.  When the Wifi that he paid extra for didn’t work he picked up the phone to complain.  The squeal from the handset made him curse and slam the phone down.  He had paid extra for what was turning out to be a lousy hotel.  The bed was too hard, there was a terrible draft and then there was the smell.  He had complained once all ready and had been moved to another, supposedly better room.  But there it was again, the heavy musty odor that hung in the air.  He started to get up to demand something better when a form appeared by the door.  His eyes widened and he scrambled back against the headboard.  He let out a scream as the form reached out long red tipped claws toward his face.

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Twitter: suteko

Book Synopsis:
The Last Moonset: The end of the world comes with a bang and one woman escapes;
The Companion’s Tale: Magic and redemption;
Seven Moons: Two lovers cursed;
Axe in the Stone: The end of the times of great magic;
Descents: Sometimes gates most be closed not matter the cost.;
The Song is the Key: One stunning voice is all that stands between humanity and extinction.

About the book:  Gates is a collection of some of my earlier short stories.  With a real variety of what and where they are set.

Each author has a method to the madness of choosing a title. This is Jessica’s method:  Each of the stories dealt with a gate in one way or another.  Between realities, between life and death, here and there.

Lisa’s story ideas are born through music and art in most cases. In her own words, “A line from a song will lead to an idea and then my dreams fill in the rest.” The message in her novel that she would like readers to grasp is that no matter what, there are gates in everyone’s life that can lead to something different, something amazing, if you just open them up.

Question: Did you try the traditional route to publishing, i.e. querying agents/publishers?  I was actually contacted by my publisher. They had spotted one of the tales in Gates online and asked if I had more that they could publish together in a collection.

QuestionWhat factors influenced your decision to self-publish to Amazon? The biggest factor was that I could control how much I could charge for my work.  While I am glad a publisher wanted to print my work I found the price on my paperback was too much for the average reader.

Question: What have you learned during your self-publishing journey?  That patience is more important in publishing than in parenting.

Question: Besides Amazon, are there any other sites where your books are for sale? You can find Gates and The Knight Protector on B&N, Itunes, Kobo and a lot of other sites.

Social Networking: Jessica can be followed on Twitter, facebook, and through blogging.

small me (2)Words of Wisdom: Lisa says, “Keep writing.  No matter how many people read or review your work you have something to say.  We get better as we work.  The more words you put to paper or computer the better they will be.  I have written since I was a child, but I was not brave enough to try to sell them.  Now I find that my drive to write is even stronger than it was before.”

Thank you so much Lisa for sharing with us! Thank you all for following and reading! See you tomorrow!


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