Shadow People: Upcoming YouTube Episode

In preparation for this week’s YouTube episode, today’s blog post is about shadow people. There is much debate in my online group, Spiritus Walking with author Tracee Ford, regarding this subject.

So what are shadow people anyway? According to some they are shadow ghosts. They have their roots in folklore and paranormal popular culture. The differential diagnosis for the appearance of shadow people is sleep paralysis, illusions, hallucination, drug use, and sleep deprivation. So what if you see a shadow person and you do not have any of these issues? Then you have probably actually seen a shadow person.

Shadow people have been described as violent, supernatural creatures, often of a menacing nature. However, there is no scientific, statistical study that proves this. Chad Stambaugh, an author, actually recorded footage of shadow people.

In addition to be a threatening force, they are also often described as a fleeting shape often seen out of the corner of the eye. Nonetheless, it seems that over time these strange creatures are becoming quite bold, showing themselves for longer periods of time and using a straight-on approach. Their previous method of exposure doesn’t seem to be as satisfying as scaring someone in a straight-forward manner.

Some have described shadow people in a terrifying way; red eyes, foreboding. One recorded incident was that of a paranormal investigator who took her teenage son onsite to a cemetery. He described seeing what he believed to be shadow people and later experienced possession. His mother believed his exposure and possession were a direct result of his contact to shadow people. Once her son’s body was vacated, she quite investigating.

I have no personal experience with shadow people, and frankly I don’t care to. I too believe that they are not kind spirits. I believe there is an evil presence with them. This is the difference between shadow people and ghosts. Ghost don’t necessarily mean to do harm. Shadow people seem to thrive on it.

During my two investigations and during my life experiences I have never encountered a shadow person, so the information I’m providing to you today comes from research as well as eyewitness accounts. In my YouTube episode this week I will describe an incident, nevertheless, that took place in my home. However, I do not believe this was the work of a shadow person, but rather it was a spirit guide roaming about my home.

So what is the verdict? What are shadow people? I honestly do not think there is a clear answer, as is true with most paranormal phenomenon. I believe it is based on personal perception and experiences.

I welcome feedback and sharing. If you have had direct experiences and you would like to share them, please visit my website,, and click the contact link. Email me. I will be covering many topics on my show.

The episode on shadow people is due to air Thursday night. I hope you enjoyed this little journey into the paranormal. Have a great Wednesday! Thanks for following!


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