What’s Next?

Hi everyone! I know this is my second post of the day, but I wanted to answer the burning question everyone is asking me right now: WHAT’S NEXT?

1236822_195004017340661_815620536_nFirst, let’s look at what’s been accomplished. In January 2013 I self published The Fine Line. By March 2013, that book was picked up by a talented small publishing company, PDMI. They released it under a new title, Between Worlds (volume 1): The Fine Line, through Injected Ink Media. This all happened because I presented them with a copy of Undone for their review. Undone then became Idolum: Visions of the Undone thanks to the creative mind of Tc McKinney. His vision and passion for my work and his wife’s knack for perfected formatting gave wings to my dream of becoming a published author. So what’s coming up?

Right now I’m working on the second installment of the Between Worlds series. It’s title: Through Glass Darkly. The book focuses on Olivia Gregory. For anyone out there that hasn’t read BW volume 1, Olivia is the daughter of Matthew Gregory and the stepdaughter of Robin Hillard-Gregory. These are the two main characters from The Fine Line.

Olivia doesn’t turn out quite the way readers think she will. However, I’m not going to give much more away than that… for now. Although for all of you Idolum fans who are wondering if Lauren Harris and Nick Bennette will have a second book devoted to them, you might be interested to know that in a sense I’m not done with them yet. Lauren and Nick will be teaming up with Olivia in Through Glass Darkly. My hope is to complete the manuscript and hand it over to the capable hands of PDMI by the first part of 2014. Hopefully, readers will have the book in hand by mid-2014. From there volume 3 and/or volume 4 is next on the creative agenda. I am undecided on whether or not I want to devote one book to Hope Gregory (daughter of Matthew and Robin) and a separate book to David Gregory (the only son of Matthew and Robin) or combine to two into one volume. No matter what, you can be sure that more is coming for theΒ Between Worlds Series in 2015.

After that, there are three more books coming, at least that’s my hope, all stand alone.

An Idolum launch party is scheduled for Friday the 13th on Facebook. The Mothman Festival in Point Pleasant will be one of the largest events I’ve ever participated in (I’m crossing my fingers I’m prepared). That is scheduled for mid-September. The Waverly Zombie Walk is next, scheduled for October 12th. That opens the door for the holiday season and books make excellent Christmas gifts, after all. Hopefully I’ll be back at the Tea Caddy and then possible at Baby Cakes Bakery in Oak Hill, Ohio around Thanksgiving and Christmas. Next year the plan is to attend the Dayton Ohio Author Expo in April and another Author Expo in May in New Port, Kentucky. All of the while, I’ll be working on my YouTube channel to bring you new episodes each Thursday night.

Shooo *wipes forehead*

Contests? I’ll see what I can cook up. One thing is for sure, I promised all of the aspiring authors out there that I would be hosting a blog tour just for them and I will follow through on that promise.

As you can see, I’ll be busy, busy, busy, but I’m never too busy for questions and suggestions.

So stick around… things are just getting started.


2 responses to “What’s Next?

  1. Wow, Tracee! Well, congratulations on all your success with your work. It’s definitely deserved. You sound like a hard worker and when you pair that with talent, you’ve got a winning combination. Wishing you the best with all your future endeavors. Just remember to play as hard as you work. πŸ˜‰


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