Sometimes Fate Needs a Little Push

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Hi everyone. I will start out with some truth for you. I have been teetering on throwing in the towel regarding my writing career. My first novel, quiet honestly, isn’t doing as well as I’d hoped despite the phone calls, emails, blogging, website building, and other marketing tactics. I hope it is simply because it was my first shot at publishing my work. I know my publisher believes in, but sometimes it’s hard to believe in your own work when no one seems to be interested.

My second book comes out this month. It’s a bit darker and a friend of mine even told me that she had a hard time reading it because of the suspense. However, today I received my first review on Idolum and it made me cry. It reminded me of the reason why I write and why I can’t stop. I needed the inspiration, to be frank.

With all that has been going on at work and at home, I can barely find time to breath let alone sit down and compose yet another novel. So, I thought, “Maybe this is it. I did something that I promised myself I’d do. I wrote a couple of books. Maybe I should just be done now.” Now, I don’t think I’m ready to say “when.” There is so much I have to say and so many more characters dying to get out of my mind.

Roddy Dryer helped pull me out of a funk with his beautiful words. The book isn’t even officially released yet, but he got it on Smashwords and wrote a kick-ass review for it. So I’d like to thank him for pulling me up when I needed it most.

I am struggling to complete Through Glass Darkly, the series sequel to The Fine Line. Hopefully this was the motivation I needed to march on.


Idolum by Tracee Ford- a Novel Review

A Murder Mystery with a Healthy Dash of Romance Coming Together to Bring You a Wonderful Tale

This suspenseful crime drama begins with a prologue sure to hook you for the remainder of the story. Superbly written by Tracee Ford, this novel deserves a wide and heavily populated following of avid readers seeking that next great mystery. If you’re looking for a writer you haven’t heard of yet and would like to explore a bit away from the mainstream, chances are this is a great place to start. But be quick, as Tracee Ford is going to be a well-known name if she continues writing like this.

While referred to as a Paranormal story, the occasional hints to such aspects of Idolum are quite subtle, which, because of the way this is written, is all that’s required. At first, we get to know several of our main characters while they’re brought together because of the actions of a particularly brutal serial killer. Two of our primary characters are Nick and Lauren. Nick is a tough cop with a military background and a preference for traditional police work, while Lauren is a bit more subtle, with an educational pedigree and psychological background, possessing of an uncanny gift for getting to the solution of a crime. These two can barely tolerate one another at first, but work through the difficulties and eventually become indispensable to one another.

The story jumps right into the thick of things at first as they seek a killer who is quite smart and readily keeping a step ahead of the team seeking an arrest. But there’s plenty more going on in the lives of our characters, and families are large. The killer backs off for whatever reason (the story explains that serial killers often take time to cool off), so Nick and Lauren have their regular lives to live, but now their lives are also coming together as soon a romance kindles between them.

Ford has done an exquisite job in pulling this story together from more than one direction, as we have a mystery to solve and several young women have had their lives taken so unfairly, but we also have a heating romance developing with two seemingly very different people. The time flow of the story can be quick at times, with more than a year passing before passing the first half of the book, but Ford writes in a manner that keeps the reader engaged and truly taking to these rich, vivid characters. The transitions are seamless and it’s easy to keep turning the pages. If I were forced to complain about something, I can say many readers today are spoiled with an extra line break between scenes but there is little or any of that here. That’s the best I have.

Ford did well to bring us so close to the characters and having the reader falling for them, because once the pace picks up and drama unfolds, we become nearly desperate to know just where this could go from one page to the next. Suddenly, Lauren’s staunch confidence and assuredness is put to the test on several levels, just when she was on the verge of bringing a stop to their target. As for Nick, he becomes desperate to do what he can for his love while still maintaining his professionalism as a cop.

From there, the author does an incredible job in placing the readers into the hearts and minds of our characters, bringing our hearts to a race. The concerns and actions they think and feel when things seem to be at their very worst tell us so much more about who these people really are, and the readers are sure to be thankful for that. Ford has well demonstrated an extraordinary ability to weave a wondrous story filled with heart, romance, mystery and drama, and the heartwarming final chapters are certain to ensure we’d know this author’s name when we see it grace a book cover again.

Idolum comes highly recommended. I have become aware that this is Ford’s second novel (her first isThe Fine Line) and I feel every confidence to recommend that one, too, and I have no idea what it’s about.

Roddy J Dryer is the author of Tangled in Climbing Nightshade


4 responses to “Sometimes Fate Needs a Little Push

  1. Never give up on the writing. Yes, it can hurt when a book doesn’t sell the way you hoped it would–I’ve been there. Now, I just take pride in the creative satisfaction I get from the process and the accomplishment in actually finishing a book.


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