The Fascination of Future Projects & the Mystery of the Mothman

Happy Saturday everyone! Thank God for the weekend!

Friday was certainly exciting in my world. My publisher has been working extra hard for me and has been contacting local libraries and businesses to stock my book. Signings and book tours are a direct part of that. Our first success from the inquires came yesterday. From those of you that are in or near Point Pleasant, WV (Mothman Territory), I am having a book signing at the Mason County Library on July 27th. Yes, that’s next weekend!

In case you’re not aware of the Mothman and what he’s about, he is legendary and was reportedly spotted for the first time in 1966.  A book was published by Gray Barker in 1970 and yet another book was published in 1975 by John Keel called The Mothman Prophecies. This book indicated that the Mothman was directly related to a several unexplained events in the area, including the collapse of the Silver Bridge. In 2002 a movie was made of this book staring Richard Gere.

Mothman_statue_2005Many believe the Mothman is of alien origins. Many, of course, are skeptical. However, Point Pleasant must put quite a bit of validity to the possibly because a statue of the creature stands in town square and a festival happens every year to honor the Mothman. This leads to my next subject.

I didn’t know that they actually had a festival until a co-worker mentioned me setting up there. When I looked at the website, it sounded perfect. Because I write paranormal novels, why not? By that time my second book will be out. What a great place to meet other paranormal people and paranormal writers?

Also, after a very successful production meeting, I have decided to start putting my YouTube channel to some good use. I am going to do a 10 week series about the paranormal. I am going to discuss my archived blog entries from my Bumps in the Night series. I will also probably try to do a weekly show about other things. Maybe I’ll feature some paranormal investigations I’ve done. I’m not sure of the complete content, but I do know it will focus on the wonders of paranormal belief and investigation. Perhaps I’ll even talk about Big Foot, Aliens, and other things that make skeptics cringe.

So here is the upcoming schedule of events as of now:

July: The Tea Caddy In Jackson began stocking Between Worlds: The Fine Line

Signing at the Mason County Library (7/27/13)

 fine line cover       


AugustIdolum officially releases to Amazon and other book locations

September: Book signing at Baby Cakes Bakery and Bistro (9/14/13)

The Mothman Festival (9/21-22)

October: Waverly Zombie Walk (10/12)

Other projects in the works are some signings in Lexington, Kentucky and Chillicothe, Ohio.

Thanks for following and reading 🙂 Have a great rest of your day folks!

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