The Independence Day: Dream Big

Have you ever sat back and contemplated the cost of freedom; the precious price paid for independence? This not only applies to our beautiful United States, but also in our own personal journeys.

Today, I want to say “thank you” to all of our servicemen and women who’ve sacrificed themselves for our great nation. It’s because of the vision of our founding fathers and every person who’ve defended this country that we have freedom and independence today.

Wonder-Woman-flagI would also like to offer encouragement to those out there that are struggling to either find their own independence or those who have found it but are struggling to maintain it. Becoming independent in your own life is never easy. It takes hard work, determination, and most of all, courage. Don’t give up. The end result is worth it.

I am very thankful for my independence and not a day goes by that I don’t thank my Creator for this extraordinary life. It came at a price, however. Decisions I’ve made that weren’t always the best or the most well thought out have turned into important lessons learned on my way to becoming who I am today. I am proud to be self sufficient, but I do understand how difficult obtaining this is. Some are plagued by financial difficulty. Others by pure poverty. Still more by outside influences, such as drugs or overbearing family and friends. Don’t ever lose hope. If you want to be someone who can stand on your own two feet, you will do it; it takes time and it also takes guidance. Seek out help from reputable people; people that will not steer you wrong for their own selfish gain.

Spiritual freedom is also another part of becoming an independent being. So many times I see people wrapped in the chains of an ancient belief system. Some are content with their choice while others seek more and thirst for an understanding that is often seen as unorthodox. Finding a faith that fulfills you and that you can invest in is so important. For me, it’s combining all of the faiths of the world. A friend of mine told me I’m eclectic, which means that I believe in pieces of each faith and I apply them to my life. I seek out the little truths in each religion and make them work for me. Many tend to box their Higher Power in. I did it for years and even became an atheist for a time. It was a lonely way to live.

With the help of a very gifted healer, many of my questions were answered and I started down a path of faith that I could truly believe in. This contributed to my ability to gain and sustain self sufficiency. No, changing my way of thinking wasn’t supported by some. However, I sought out my own salvation, as the Bible teaches, but I also embraced other points of view and I can honestly say I’ve truly found peace.

So in conclusion, I hope this helps someone out there know that although the road is rough now, it doesn’t always have to be. A single mother struggling to make ends meet. Someone struggling with the chains of substance abuse who knows that life would be brighter without the addiction. A person dependent upon government assistance who sees a better way to live his/her life. Someone who is searching for a job and one just can’t be found. A couple starting out with only love to sustain them. A widower trying to raise his children alone in this turbulent society. Someone who is seeking spiritual answers, but can’t seem to find them in the fundamentalist faith. Be encouraged. You are not alone. This is only a bump in the road to your independence and your personal freedom. As I have always said, if you can see it in your mind, you can achieve. Never be afraid to dream big, because really what’s stopping you? So have a great 4th of July all of you proud Americans!


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