Winners from the Spring Fever Blog Tour

Most of you know that in the months of April and May I ran a blog tour with 61 talented published authors. I promised prizes. So, five individuals were chosen via to receive a free ebook copy of Between Worlds: The Fine Line.


Here are the winners:

A. J. Sweeny (featured on 4/21/13) A. Jacob Sweeny Headshot






author-pic1-1A.D. Starrling (featured 4/3/13)







newValerie Gilbert (featured 5/14/13)





Nelyb&w1Nely Cab (featured 5/5/13)






287b2833e9b20ac1d188d5.L._V143414227_SX200_-1Christina Mobley (featured 5/30/13)


Thanks to everyone who participated!!!! Your interviews meant so much to me. Enjoy your ebook! If it turns out that you like it, please feel free to write a review for Amazon or Goodreads.

Again, thanks!


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