Spring Fever Blog Tour featured Author: Lindsay Anne Kendal

Lindsay Anne Kendal stand in our spotlight feature this evening.  She writes urban fantasy and paranormal romance.  Thank you so much Lindsay for sharing yourself with us!  Enjoy the read!

Title: Bloodlines, Torment (Bloodlines Trilogy). Leticia (Leticia Series) Guilt of the Innocent (Haunted Dreams Novelette Series)
IMG_2125Author: Lindsay Anne Kendal

Genre: Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance
Website: www.lindsayannekendal.com          




Blog: http://lindsayannekendal.blogspot.co.uk/

Social Media connections:

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/pages/Lindsay-Anne-Kendal-Author

Goodreads – http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/3433502.Lindsay_Anne_Kendal


Release Date: Various over the last two years
Where to buy: 

Bloodlines 750x1125Bloodlines

Kindle  http://tinyurl.com/97jsx2o

Paperback  http://tinyurl.com/bt6y54y



Kindle  http://tinyurl.com/czebknn

Paperback  http://tinyurl.com/c8z2t3h



Kindle  http://tinyurl.com/chgdcul

Paperback  http://tinyurl.com/ca2jmk4


Guilt of the Innocent

Kindle  http://tinyurl.com/cfz5z3s
Torment 453x680           Leticia 453x680           Guilt of the Innocent Cover copy

Please provide a snippet from your most recently released book.

Guilt of the Innocent

The dream was always the same. The loud noises, almost like metal scraping along concrete walls. Light shined in my eyes so bright that I had to turn away. My skin and clothes were damp with sweat. My heart was beating so hard that I wondered how it stayed in my chest. The voices, male and female started whispering all around me; so faint that I couldn’t understand a single sentence. The smell of stagnant water filled my nose, but it was so dark behind me that I couldn’t see the source. Nausea swept over me and then… I heard it.

The growl of the unseen creature was deafening. My eardrums started ringing and every inch of my body shook uncontrollably. I had to run. I needed to get away before this thing came any closer. I got to my feet and ran into the seemingly endless darkness. The creature growled again, I could hear its footsteps behind me. It was getting closer. I screamed out in fear and tried to run faster, then I could no longer feel the ground beneath my feet. I was falling, falling for what seemed like forever. I smelled burning and saw a faint red light below me, glowing ever brighter as I fell closer.


Mini Interview:

1      When did you first start writing?


I first began writing when I was around 21-22 years old. I was going through a bad time and had some health issues. Writing seemed to come out of nowhere and was the only thing that helped to calm me down. It was also the one thing that truly held my attention.


2      Did you always want to be a writer? If not what did you want to be?


No, definitely not. If you had told me ten years ago that I would be answering these questions, have four books released and two in contract… I would have thought you’d lost your mind. I wanted to be number of things growing up, including an interior designer. But being a writer never crossed my mind. I wouldn’t swap it for the world though.


3      What genre do you prefer to work within? Or do you mix it up? 


I love Urban Fantasy with a hint of romance. If I’m honest, I find it hard to read and enjoy books without a love story incorporated into them. Currently, all my novels have been YA, but I have a secret project I’m working on at the moment which will definitely be adult. Still within the Urban Fantasy genre but with some rather passionate scenes.


4      Where does your inspiration for these stories (this story) come from?


Most of my inspiration comes from music. I’ll have my Ipod playing and suddenly I’m no longer in the room. Mini movies play in my mind, I see characters doing a number of things and then I go and write them all down.


5      What has your publishing experience been like? 


I can’t mention names here but, I was first published by a company over here in the UK. At first everything seemed to be going well. I was a complete novice. I knew nothing of the literary and publishing world.

I paid them an absolute fortune and after selling out of the first 500 books, they decided they weren’t printing any more unless I paid again. On top of that, they wanted to charge me even more to print my second novel. Needless to say I was devastated, and even more so when I found out I should never have paid to have my book published in the first place.

That week my world came tumbling down around me. I thought my career was over, I’d have to stop doing what I loved etc. But then I found my current publisher, World Castle Publishing. I told her everything that had happened and after reading the reading the sequel, she sent me a contract for my second novel Torment. I contacted a solicitor and thankfully I was able to get out of the publishers contract for my first book. I signed with World Castle again and then for another series I was writing.

I cannot fault World Castle at all. The owner, Karen, is great and always has time for you. She’s my diamond and saved my career.



6      Do you have a certain routine you have for writing? i.e. You listen to music, sit in a certain chair?


I still live at home with my parents, my sister and her little two year old daughter and my one remaining Jack Russell. So it’s hard to have quiet time. I’m a night owl, so I wait until everyone is in bed and then put my Ipod in my ears and write. I also go for long drives out with my boyfriend. I take my little notebook with me and sometimes type in the car. I spend a lot of time in the countryside close to where I live. It’s the setting for my Leticia Series, so it’s nice to be able to write on location.


7      How do you come up with characters names and place names in your books?


In the Bloodlines Series I just used names I loved. Keira and Lily are my favourite girls names. Some of the characters are based on real beings in religion and mythology, so I couldn’t, nor did I want to change those. I’ve always had an interest in Salem and its history, so it’s fitting to set my story there.

In Leticia, I just heard the name and fell in love with it. I also watched the film 2012 just before I started writing it. I love John Cusack and his name in the film was Jackson… I just had to use it! Lol. The setting is close to where I live. It’s so beautiful there and steeped in history. I just had to write a story and have it based there.

8      In your most recent work, who is your favourite character and why?


My most recent is very soon to be released. It’s Revelations, the last in the Bloodlines Trilogy. I have three favourite characters and I couldn’t possible pick just one.

I love Keira, my main protagonist. She’s strong minded, kick-butt, but with a soft centre. Her attitude mimics my own, and she is very very loyal.

Lily, her best friend is based on my sister, Cheryl. We have a very tight, impenetrable friendship as well as the family bond. Keira and Lily, although they are not related, are more like sisters than friends. They would do anything for each other. I think we could all use a friend like that.

Then there’s Eligos. Keira’s love interest and Grand Duke of Hell. I researched him a lot before using him. He fascinates me. If demons really do exist I really want to meet this guy. I even have his seal tattooed on me. My version of him is what I basically would want in a guy, tough, rough and ready for anything, loyal, loving and deep. Just dreamy!


9      Did you learn anything from writing your book?  What was it?


I’ve always had a rather overactive imagination, but while writing these novels I’ve learned just HOW overactive it really is. My characters never leave me. They even talk to me. I’ve learned I’m even deeper and darker than I originally thought, my mind is definitely warped. I’ve also realised just how impatient I am, lol.

10   How did you/do you market your work?


I use my blogs, website (sometimes), Facebook and I’m now beginning to use Google+ and Goodreads a lot more. I’m taking on a new admin on my Facebook page this month to help me spread the word. I’ve done book tours, blog hops and I host a lot of authors on my own blogs too.

11   Can you describe the feeling you had when you saw your published book for the first time?


Honestly… I cried. It’s felt so surreal. I remember looking at all the text on the pages and thinking “I actually wrote all that… nah… oh I did…. wow.” I was in the kitchen with my mum and sister, just crying. I was completely in love with the very first cover too, so that caused me to have butterflies in my stomach. It’s a truly emotional but amazing feeling.


12   Favourite authors? 


Carolyn Crane.

Richie Tankersley Cusick.

Ashley Fontainne.

Scarlet Black.


13   Have you ever suffered from a “writer’s block”? What did you do to get past the “block”?


Yeah, I suffered with it terribly just last year. I think my problem was that I knew my trilogy was coming to an end and my time with my characters was nearly over. I was very upset about it. Writing this story got me through some bad times, it was my release. It’s very very close to my heart. It’s in my blood and courses through my veins every minute of every day. So letting go… that was hard.

I had a lot of support from family and friends, and a lot of people were contacting me telling me they couldn’t wait to read Revelations. My characters were also screaming at me to finish their story. I set myself a deadline and got on with it. I listened to my books soundtrack over and over and just lost myself in their world again.

14   What piece of advice would you give to a new writer?


Never give up on your dreams. Always do you research before signing a contract with any publisher and NEVER pay to have you books published. Be willing to help others promote their work; you will find they will nearly always help you out in return. Work with each other rather than against each other and together we can all succeed.

15   Are you working on anything new?  If so, can you tell me about it?


I am currently working on the second book in the Leticia series as well as my novelette series. On top of that I’m writing my first adult novel, but I can’t really talk about that at the moment lol.


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