Authors Helping Authors

I am a member of a wonderful group on Facebook. It is called “Authors Helping Authors.” I just received notification that I will be the featured author in their group for the week of May 13th – 17th. I am so happy I was chosen and blogging to thank them for this! They are a tremendous group of people!

During this week I will be accepting question/answers from fans, readers, would-be readers, and fellow members. I will also be posting links to my book, my website, my blog, and more.

I am not the only author being featured. This will be a weekly practice and to kick it off Hunter S. Jones, who I’ve featured during my blog tour, will be hitting the ground running. She will be featured the week of May 6th – 10th.

This was the announced posted in the group:

Hi all! We have an update on the Author Spotlight. Come Monday, Darla and I will start picking names based on interest, participation, and promotion schedules. Meanwhile, we have an announcement. Next week we will get the ball rolling with what will be either a wonky start or a bang. Since she has a promo that just started, and because she is crazy enough to be willing to tolerate any hiccups along the way Hunter S. Jones will help us out with the first profile and Q&A! The following week, we are hoisting up Tracee Ford-author. Tracee has spent the last month busting her butt to help other authors. All of April and May she has run DAILY author spotlights on her blog while promoting her own work and being active here. It’s time she got some payback! By Tuesday we should have some more names announced. We will go through the list of interested parties and pick those most active, contact, and schedule them first. Stay tuned, and keep on keepin’ on!

So, connect with me on Facebook, if you haven’t already (

Thanks so much everyone for your support! Have a great Saturday!


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