More Tales of the Paranormal–Near Death Experiences

Today started out like any other day. I got up, got dressed, put my make up on, fixed my hair, got my son up, fed him breakfast, and did some other things before leaving for work. I left at 7:22 a.m. I pulled out of my drive way and started down the road toward Shyville. Same route; different day. The fog was a little thick, but nothing that caused alarm.

As I pulled up to the traffic light there were four cars ahead of me. I patiently waited for the light to turn green. Across the intersection is the long road to the Uranium Plant. There were some cars sitting there waiting also.

On the stretch of highway I waited to turn onto, there are flashing warning lights to tell drivers the light is red; to slow down and prepare to stop. It is U.S. Rt. 32.

The light turned green. The four other cars went ahead. The other car across the road waiting. I thought, “Why isn’t he moving?” He eased out into the intersection. I barely put my foot on the gas and heard in my ear “wait!” From the corner of my eye I saw the grill of a semi tractor trailer. The truck was going full speed. He had to have seen the four other cars. He had to have seen the flashing lights. The fog wasn’t thick enough to cause him not to see me. He simply wasn’t paying attention. My guess is he was on the phone, texting, or was falling asleep.

All of this happened within seconds. The shout in my ear. The question as to why the pick up truck across the road wasn’t moving. Everything happened so fast, but on the other hand time stood still.

I honked the horn as I went on out into the intersection. The trucker must have been pretty shaken up because he overcorrected and went over onto the grass on the other side of the road.

I continued to work. It wasn’t long before I started shaking and realized I had literally escaped death. As I pulled myself together, I quickly heard “Not today.” I called my husband to tell him what happened. For the record, I have UConnect in my car, so I didn’t have to take my eyes off of the road to make the call. I told him what happened.

As I talked to him, I realized I would have left my child motherless and my husband a widower. That feeling… I can’t even explain it. I felt lucky. I felt sick. My head was pounding. I had escaped the jaws of death. I have no doubt that what happened was nothing short of a miracle. I should have been dead. The truck was a tanker truck even. Likely, we would have both been dead.

I am sharing this because I promised that if anything paranormal happened to me, that I would continue the previous blog posts from “Bumps in the Night.” I am also sharing because I feel fortunate to even be breathing. I should be on a slab at the county morgue, but thanks to my spirit guides, guardian angels, and my devoted Creator, I’m here and writing this.

Be sure that the High Power you believe in, watches out for you. There are protective forces sent to guard you and who are charged with your safety. I have no idea who shouted for me to “wait!” nor do I care. But it happened. I was there. You’ll never convince me that I didn’t hear it.

I think the ironic part is that my paternal grandmother died in an accident when she was 45 years old. She suffered a heart attack and hit a semi tractor trailer. It appeared that my fate leaned that way this morning, but the hand of my Creator intervened and kept me from dying. I was spared me. My Creator made sure I was kept safe. The Supreme Being of this world isn’t done with me yet. It is very flattering to know that an All Powerful Being cares enough about one individual person to keep them alive. I can’t even imagine what miracles are in store, but I am very thankful to be alive!


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