Bumps In the Night: Part 9–My Own Tales of the Paranormal

In July I left my job with PCCSB and started working for another agency. I was now in a leadership position and the people in my unit seemed so beaten down. They had been used to having little to no interaction from their previous supervisor of over four decades. So, there was certainly some morale boosting needed.

I met them and immediately knew that they were a very hard working group who was extremely dedicated to their jobs. However, they needed hope. They needed leadership. They needed something real. They needed to be heard. So for two weeks prior to going on staff, I went to meet them and took time to talk to them. I sent an email after my first face to face with them. I was really excited about doing this job.

I quickly learned that negativity in the unit was choking them. So, I implemented “The Hope Tree Philosophy.” This came after a training (I quit thinking things were coincidental and have no doubt this was my inspirational spirit guide inspired the philosophy). The premise is the each branch represents a way to be positive through team work, training, individual supervision, and many other things.  The end result is that if you cut off any or all of the branches and/or cut down sturdy tree, you’re left with a pile of sticks and a stump.  I explained in the philosophy, which I presented in a meeting, that trees can take hard hits and still find ways to heal themselves and that’s what the unit would do.

In staff meeting we talked about the law of attraction and how if we are positive, we will automatically attract positive outcomes. If we are negative, that is what we will attract. Everyone did their best to get on board and it wasn’t long before I could feel the mood changing. I engaged with the unit daily, hourly, consistently to let them know I could be trusted and their best interests were always at the top of my list. As most units do, they have to recover and we still are, but I really believe we’ve come a long way. We are certainly close, I would say. My team may feel differently about me, but I certainly respect them for their hard work and dedication for protecting children and being open minded about the ideas and policies I’ve put in place. Every day I make important decisions and I have to get quiet sometimes in front of my Creator and listen to be sure I’m making the right ones. Other times who uses various people in the unit to guide me based on their past experiences. No matter how it’s done, the Creator gets my attention through the individuals that I work with.

I was surprised to learn that one of my employees was also a ghost hunter. We talked about my previous issues and how apprehensive I was about doing it again. She is an ordained minister, but not of the fundamental sort. She is much more open minded in her approach to spirituality. It took some time, but we received a call that a couple needed help at their home. They were going through a tough time and the spirit in the house was starting to physically harm them. I’m going to call her LW here to protect her privacy, but she talked to me about going because I shared with her what I could hear and how I could communicate with the dead.

I will admit openly that I was fearful that something would come home with me again or bad things would happen, but I went. My guides and the Creator encouraged me saying, “You’re helping.” So my husband and I met LW and the other “team” members at the house. When I walked in, I really didn’t feel much. I felt anxious because I was afraid for myself, not for the couple that lived there.

I went into the bathroom to be alone for a moment. I was still very unsure, so I prayed. The still small voice said, “I’m using you to help this family. Don’t be afraid, just be mindful and reverent.” When I walked out of the bathroom, a bedroom was right across and as I walked down the hallway I got the feeling that something was trying to crawl up on my back again. Then I heard my spirit guide say, “Don’t be afraid. We’re here to protect you.”

I walked back into the kitchen where the others were gathered and the man of the house gave my husband and I tour of the basement, but before he did I asked him if there had been any activity in the room across from the bathroom. He told me that his wife had been drug off the bed and that he had been attack, with scratches left behind; three distinct scratches. I told him I wanted to see the basement before I made a determination, but before that, LW did a prayer of protection over the entire group there and a detachment prayer so that we would leave with no unwanted guests.

When I walked into the basement I couldn’t feel anything unusual. There was one room, however, that I couldn’t go near. I felt like if I did, I might suffocate. It was the room right under the bedroom where the activity had been the most recent. I was also told that the dog, an animal that they had had for a very long time, sudden started urinating in the floor for no reason, then suddenly this stopped. I explained that the dog was in predator mode, so whatever was in the house was powerful enough to scare the dog.

In the weight room, there were windows and I felt the presence of several tribal people. I knew they were Native Americans. The owner told me a tree had either fallen or been cut down and it seemed that the activity heightened when that happened. He also indicated that it was possible that the land the house was on was burial property for the Indians that lived in the area. He said there was a mound on the property but he has never disturbed it. I told him that the tribal people didn’t mean him harm. In fact they protect the land as they swore they would do. They make sure that the land is safe and that is their job. I told him that there were several that were wondering what we were doing, but they were more fascinated than distressed. I explained that what I felt was very distinct honor and pride, but not vengeful or jealous pride. It was pride that their belief brought them back to this land that they used to occupy and that they are the guardians forever. This seemed to make the man of the house feel better.

Baby monitors had been set up before we went downstairs. The team said they heard what sounded like a screech. We explained we didn’t hear anything. I told the team that it made me feel uneasy to go into the basement corner room. We split up into groups. The man of the house, his wife, and two of the team members stayed upstairs. LW, me, and my husband went downstairs. Both groups had equipment: cameras, EVP’s, other technology to help us communicate.

ghfeb1When we went downstairs, the uneasiness was gone. As we walked around I kept hearing someone saying something, but it was very muffled at first. “Need help” finally came through. I asked aloud, which I usually don’t do but because it was being audio taped it did, “What do you want us to help you with?” The short of it was that there was a boy, around the age of seven or eight, who fell from the tree that the man of the house cut down. He broke his neck when he fell and didn’t even know he was dead. He made it clear that there was something in the house that told him he wasn’t allowed to leave. He lit up the EVP and the flashlight to help us. He said he saw a lot of other people with us. The picture in this blog shows several things. The before picture and the after picture. Orbs everywhere. The little boy identified my grandmother and a little boy with ghfeb2my husband, who we both knew was his grandmother’s brother who died when he was a child. He said he wanted to play with the little boy and wanted my grandmother to cross over with him. I explained that if he looked hard enough he could see his mother. In fact, there was one time when he said, “I want my mom.” I nearly lost it. It took everything I had not to sob.

In my head I was able to see what this little boy looked like; blonde bowl cut hair, colonial style clothing and he knew of the tribal people. He said that his family liked them and they were good to his family. Before he crossed over he saw them standing outside of the house. I explained to him that once he crossed he could come and go as he wished. That he had to check in first.

ghfeb3The way I see it, we all make the journey to the other side. Sometimes we need help doing this. Sometimes it happens right at the moment of death. Other times, especially in cases where life is taken quickly, it takes more help; sometimes from someone like me. Other times the spirit guides can help, but with this poor little boy, he was being oppressed by the other source in the house.

Finally, after talking to this little guy for over an hour, he crossed over and when he did I heard a voice say “Thank you.” I knew it was his mom.

We went back upstairs.  Before we went into the bedroom for our final piece of research, we sat at the kitchen table, me, the man of the house, his wife, LW, and my husband.  The two other team members went downstairs to do some research.  As we sat at the table I felt the presence of an older woman.  He told me that his grandmother died in the home.  I knew she had attached herself to him.  She had checked in on the other side, but had been sent back to him as a spirit guide, just as my grandmother had been assigned to me.  I described to him her characteristics and general fiery attitude.  He and his wife both decided that I must be seeing her. She was very protective of him.  In the mind time I heard, “That old woman means nothing to me.”  The demon decided it was time to talk.  The impressions I got were “steal,” “take,” “destroy.”  This demon’s mission was to steal and take the man’s marriage and possibly his life.  The man didn’t understand why and I told him that these creatures don’t have to have a reason, they just do.  I explained that they feed of of negativity and that they thrive on turmoil.  He and his wife confirmed that they had been having trouble and that they argued a lot.

Then the true reason came out.  My husband said, “Did you have something bad happen to you when you were a kid?” The man explained that he was abandoned and his grandparents raised him.  He admitted that he was holding all of that resentment and he was raised Catholic and didn’t understand anything anymore.  He was trying to open his mind spiritually but was struggling.  I explained that this is what was probably feeding the entity.

To make a long story a little shorter, when we went into the bedroom to do our investigation, the demon pulled my hair.  There were very cold breezes in the room.  LW and I had to pray constant protection around us and we rebuked it many, many times.  The man of the house was just getting angrier, which is why it wouldn’t leave.  And sometimes, it takes more than one time of doing something like this to clean the space.  However, we didn’t get any resolve that night.  When we stood in our circle prayer, we heard noises in the hallway, and then we all felt it standing in the corner of the room.  We prayed our hearts out and we also ended with a detaching prayer of protection.

Nothing went home with me, I am thankful to report.    I have also not heard of anymore situations at the house we investigated.  I have been in contact with the little boy once more.  He came through to me the day after the investigation. I was in the hallway and I felt him hug my legs and thank me.  In my mind I told him that it was my pleasure and that he was free to visit again, but he needed to get more familiar with the other side for now.  I also felt his mom’s presence and knew she was the one who had come back with him to urge him to show his appreciation, just like any good parent would do.

So there it is.  My most recent story of a paranormal investigation gone right.

Next week in part 10, we’re going to talk about BookLocker, the publication of my book, and PDMI.  Those have all been very paranormal experiences as well.  Hope you enjoyed this week everybody!


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