Franklin Valley Carpet: Good-bye Big Chains, Hello Local Business

Most of you know that my house flooded the day after Martin Luther King Jr. day.  The pipe in my half bath burst and ruined half of my flooring.  After a very intense battle with the insurance company and a hefty quote from a big business home improvement store, I realized that I didn’t want to invest in the big boys.  I wanted to go local.

Friends at work told me about Franklin Valley Carpet (FVC).  I heard they were reasonable and friendly.  The tab from the big guys came up to over $2600.  Can you say ouch!?  I called Linda at FVC and I knew that the placed closed at 5 p.m.  She was kind enough to stay over and wait for me to get there.  I am so glad she did.  I found some pretty beautiful carpet for much less.  I also looked at laminate flooring, but when it came right down to it, it was a little rich for my blood.  So, I talked to Linda about it.  She was very open and honest with me about all of my options and she didn’t try to sell me something I didn’t need.  I decided on vinyl and it looks just like wood.  It literally cut the price in half.

The installers were dedicated and professional.  They stayed until the job was done, even though it well after midnight before they finished.  These people went above and beyond to make sure that the job was completed and completed right.  They did a beautiful job!

From excellent customer service and pricing on the front end to professional installation, FVC is who I will buy my flooring from when I change the look of my home in the future.  They have my business for life.  And I will make sure I request the installers again also.

It is very hard to find good, hard working folks anymore, which is sad if you think about it.  When you do find those good, hard working folks, STICK WITH THEM!  They depend on your dollars and word-of-mouth adverting to stay in business, especially competing with the bigger chains.  I’m proud that I was able to help the local economy and a local business!  Isn’t that hometown relationships are all about?

FVC is located in Oak Hill, Ohio, so if you’re close or just a little bit out in distance and you need flooring, please look them up.  You will be glad you did!

This is the e-card I got from them today.  As I said, customer service was exceptional:

Here are some photos of the new flooring:

45538_10200472028117079_2090547128_n 60461_10200473420791895_2119331518_n 544493_10200469402451439_822487981_n 549877_10200473417071802_1013263498_n 580993_10200473417951824_979450227_n 599580_10200469403411463_1951256016_n 601534_10200468928159582_340322293_n


2 responses to “Franklin Valley Carpet: Good-bye Big Chains, Hello Local Business

  1. “The best business is repeat business” is another abandoned concept, it seems. Things like customer service and product knowledge that prompt word-of-mouth recommendations (the most trusted and the cheapest kind of advertising) and encourage customers to return to your business are no longer required, it seems. Just make a big advertising spend and cut wages as low as possible because that’s easier than actually doing a good job. Don’t chainstore managers want good service themselves, when they shop? Or do they no longer know what that means? But I guess they all shop at proper stores.


    • I know exactly what you’re saying! The big guys won’t quit calling me. I told them that their price was too high and they still won’t stop. They aren’t used to people standing up for small business anymore. Sad.


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