Paranormal Romance Reads reviews “The Fine Line”


Book: The Fine Line

Author: Tracee Ford

Publisher:, Inc.

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Rating: Mature

Robin and Matt meet after a minor accident sends her to the emergency room where he is her doctor. They begin dating, but take things at their own pace. Matt had been married previously and has a child from that marriage. Although he may not be the child’s biological father, nobody has ever proven different. He considers the child to be his. Robin had also been in previous relationships, including one that was abusive. Matt has his career as a doctor, and Robin is promoted to the head of her department at child services.

As they grow closer, their lives are full and happy. Eventually, Matt asks Robin to marry him and they purchased a historical home together. They begin their lives together and renovations on their new home, but quickly realize that there might be something a little different about their home. As time goes on, things do not improve and they are faced with doors slamming, random giggling, and dark images appearing. Robin has her father try to bless the house for them in hopes of getting rid of whatever it is that is unsettled in the house.

It becomes clear that Matt’s daughter Olivia can see and hear the spirits that are in the house too. When Robin finally convinces Matt that they need help of the paranormal kind, they call in a paranormal investigative team to help them find out what is happening in their house. Although Matt has a very difficult time believing the whole situation, he has to admit there is more to it than what he can see and hear after Olivia and the investigators work on clearing out the house for them.

Tracee Ford shares a story that is sweet and fun. There are just enough paranormal type occurrences to be interesting, and they flow through the storyline of their whole romance story without being dark and scary. She makes us remember that some dark could be out there without making it seem as scary. There are a lot of people that can relate to the characters and their individual beliefs.

I would certainly recommend this story to anyone that loves romance and a happy family ending. It is fun to join these characters in their journey and it is easy to read and follow along with what is happening in the story. It is filled with just the right details to keep it interesting.


Review by Lisa Lambson

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guilds Review Team


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