March Promo Event on Facebook for “The Fine Line” organized by Lady Amber

PROMOSo the February contest has come and gone and here we barreling into March.  This month Lady Amber has organized a promo party on Facebook for my novel, The Fine Line.

I’ve promised my readers that each month during the year 2013 something will be happening.  Whether it’s big or small, something’s going on.  April and May have some special things coming up, but March’s event is going to have prizes, games, and lots of fun!

The Fine Line is a paranormal romance with a twist, however, it doesn’t have vampires or werewolves.  If you follow my blog then you know that the book involves Robin Hillard and Matthew Gregory.  Here’s the jest of it:

A simple accident brings Robin Hillard to the hospital’s emergency room where she meets the handsome Dr. Matthew Gregory and instantly sparks fly. They quickly fall in love and purchase Pikeview Manor. A relentless haunting then challenges the couple’s relationship in ways they never dreamed were possible.

By clicking the link above, you can see the event and learn how to attend.  The prizes up for grabs are listed below:

5 small magnets with my info (author magnets)
3 large magnets featuring the poster cover (book magnets)
5 paperback copies with an autographed photo
1 poster
1 mouse pad
1 ball cap




Small magnet

large magnet

Large magnet




Signed copy of the novel




Autographed photo

mouse pad

mouse pad


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