Bumps In the Night: Part 4–My Own Tales of the Paranormal

It’s SATURDAY!!!  Yeah!!!



Welcome to Part 4 of the journey.  Last week we left off with the incidents in Columbus, Ohio.  In late spring, my husband was transferred back to Southwestern Ohio for his job.  He had been moved to Columbus while the plant he worked out underwent repair due to a fire.  Once the repairs were made, all of the workers were brought back to the plant in Monroe, Ohio.

In June I graduated from college and moved in with my husband for good.  A bit of a culture shock, I was unable to find work for a while.  I felt lonely, homesick, and very unsure of things.  To add to the stress of such a drastic change, the paranormal activity continued.  In fact, things worsened.

One morning I lay in bed after my husband went to work.  The master bedroom featured a walk-in closet at the far end of the room.  I left the door open most of the time because all I seemed to do was laundry and housework as I put in applications for work.

I remember laying in bed, my eyes closed, praying in my head, as I usually did in the mornings.  From the closet, I heard my name, audibly, three times.  I was not dreaming.  I was awake.  It was not something I imagined.  I wasn’t mentally ill.  I knew this.  Whatever happened in Columbus followed me to this new environment.  I was afraid to open my eyes.  I lay there unable to move for the fear that paralyzed me.  Eventually, I worked up enough courage to get up out of bed and check the closet.  Nothing there.

I told my husband that night.  He was a little less receptive this time.  So from then on, I didn’t share anything.  I told my parents what was going on and they came up to anoint the house and bless it.  Months passed with no activity.

In October of 1998, we got a dog (I also ended up giving this one up in the divorce).  As I said, months passed with no activity, but one morning as I was preparing for work I heard the dog in the front room barking and growling.  He was looking up at the hearth in the front room.  Baring his teeth and his hair on his back raised, he was in predatory mode.  I was angry now.  I started rebuking whatever was in the house (or whatever had come back to the house).  I quoted scripture, I yelled, and I forcefully told whatever was in the house to leave and never come back.  It left.  The experiences temporarily stopped.

The next few dreams were of a positive nature, which I welcomed.  The first was of a beautiful angelic being.  It was night because I remember the angel lit up the entire room.  She had dark brown hair, just like mine, she was dressed in a white tunic that went to her feet, and a green vest.  My mother-in-law interpreted this to mean that I saw myself and that the green vest meant growth.  Not sure I believe that now with the history behind me because honestly now, I wouldn’t believe a word she spoke or put any faith in any of her “interpretations.”  Nevertheless, I did then.

Another dream I remember is that I was standing in a classroom in front of a bunch of teenagers.  I stood in front of one of those portable chalkboards.  I don’t remember what I was teaching, but I remember thinking how dim everything looked.  The room was very poorly lit.  Then, as if I was transported from one reality to another, I stood in the streets of what looked old Jerusalem.  In the distance, I saw a man walking toward me.  I remember thinking how beautiful he looked.  He had wavy reddish brown hair hair and his smile… I can’t quite put it into words.  He wore a long cream colored linen tunic and a tan vest.  He got closer to me, beaming that wonderful smile.  I knew immediately who he was as he got closer.  I felt intense love, peace, and an overwhelming sense of protection.

Then I found myself teleported into a forest.  I sat on the grown with a Bible in my lap.  I remember having my finger in the book as if I was reading a scripture.  Then I felt someone behind me, arms came out from behind me and I saw the most capable hands embrace mine.  There were scars in the wrist.  I knew instantly I was in the presence of Jesus.  He was trying to teach me something from the Bible.

My husband and I joined a local church in 1999.  We were made youth pastors in the church.  I should have known this would make us a target spiritually.  The dreams started again.  I know now that they were visions of things to come.  The first dream I recall is that I was sitting in the sanctuary among the others in the church.  A woman played the piano.  I remember how awkward she looked because she was painted up like a hooker.  The next thing I know, I’m sitting in the pew beside my husband who now has his head in her lap.  He looked dazed, as if he were completely in a trance.  The woman looked over at me and smiled.  I remember feeling complete hatred coming from her and the way she touched my husband’s face made me want to rip her head off.

The next vision I had was that I was at the church in the youth room.  A few of the youth members were there with me and I remember feeling trapped.  I knew someone had gotten into the church and I knew that they were going to kill us.  I tried to open the windows, but even if I was able to open them, I’d never have survived the fall to the ground.  I remember going to a corner and making the kids get behind my back.  When the intruders entered the room, they were dressed in all black, I don’t know if it was sweats or what, but I remember knowing I was going to be raped and killed.  It wasn’t long after that when the church took the youth position away from us because my husband’s stubborn beliefs didn’t jive with the churches.  They wanted to keep me on, but wanted him gone.  Of course, this impacted his ego and the beginning of the end of our marriage began.



In February of 2001 I discovered I was pregnant and because I was too ill, I couldn’t go to church anymore.  My husband continued going to the church that had dethroned him, for lack of a better term, but honestly I was too hurt by it that I didn’t care if I went or not.  I remember him chiding me about not going every time the doors were open and I remember being angry because he didn’t understand that I was sick because my body was adapting to a growing life inside of me.

In fact, at the start of the pregnancy, I experienced severe problems.  I thought I’d miscarried.  I went to the initial visit, they took blood, and then called me to tell me my levels dropped and there was no baby.  I didn’t believe this, so I went to my family doctor.  He confirmed I was still pregnant.  I bled a lot, I passed out a few times, and I wasn’t sure whether things were going to work out.  It was then that I found out my husband really didn’t seem excited about the possibility of a child.  It just put more nails in the coffin of our failing marriage.

I lost my job in April 2001, right after I announced my pregnancy.  My husband lost his job in May 2001.  So there we were, both unemployed with a child on the way.  There were times that I felt the paralyzing sensation of the demonic entity that apparently had come back into the house.  By that time, however, I was so defeated and hopeless I didn’t care and once that became known, the oppression stopped.  Why challenge someone who’s lost all hope?

In the midst of all of this, at twenty-one weeks of pregnancy, after a very stressful weekend of my mother-in-law and husband backing me into a corner to tell me what a worthless, horrible wife I had become, my doctor found diabetes.  He said that the stress likely brought it all on.  I still have the diabetes today.

The paranormal world closed to me at that point.  It wouldn’t reveal itself again to me until July 2003 when I was going through graduate school trying to get my teaching degree.  I had a dream that I was asked to come to a building where a demon had been trapped in a room.  When I walked into the building, I got the impression that the officials who’d asked me to come were hopeful that I would be able to stop the destructive power of the demon.  The big wooden doors were shut, but I could hear the awfullest ruckus behind the doors.

I remember calling into the demon and then opening the doors.  When I entered the room, the flying cloaked figure said, “I know John, and I know Peter, but I don’t know you.”  That passage comes right out of scripture, but I knew then my faith had diminished to the point where I could help no one, or at least that’s how I felt.  My marriage, my challenges with my mother-in-law, and everything else had sucked the faith and the life right out of me.

We went to a Christian marriage counselor with no resolution and when we went to another one, my husband made it clear that he would always pick his mother over me.  Let me assure you, that to this day, that hasn’t changed and this has transferred to my son.  I left Southwestern Ohio in August 2003 and was divorced by April 2004.

Please feel free to comment and share your stories.  More to come next weekend.

4 responses to “Bumps In the Night: Part 4–My Own Tales of the Paranormal

  1. I have heard other people talk about evil spirits they encountered. I have always been able to make peace with the spirits around me. Some spirits like to play pranks, but nothing serious. I usually talk to them and call them by different names until I find their real name. The last house we lived in for 25 years had been an old military barracks. The spirit there was a WWII soldier named Frank. His pranks included opening doors and windows and moving our son’s toys around. Most of the time Frank minded his manners. We now live on a farm and there are all kinds of spirits that wander here. I think it is because we are very close to a cemetery. The first few nights in this house when we were asleep I felt that someone was watching us. They were. An American Indian couple and their young son. I told them they were welcome to come and go as they please. Sometimes I see them in the meadow and other times they come into the house where our cats let us know we have company. I have been afraid of spirits. Thanks for sharing your story. Hope you stop by web site and sign up for the giveaways http://www.blacklilackitty.com


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