Bumps In the Night: Part 3–My Own Tales of the Paranormal

Well, ladies and gentlemen, it’s Saturday once more.  You know what that means…  time to share!

By the time I was twenty-one I was getting married again and moving farther away from home.  I stayed with my husband on the weekends in Columbus, Ohio and then lived with my parents during the week.  I was in my senior year of college.  I married my second husband in February and by spring break the paranormal stuff started again.  It went on for a week straight before I told my husband what was happening.


Age 21, 1998–Gatlinburg, TN

The first incident I remember is that I was sleeping on the couch in the living room of the condo where we were living.  The first encounter was a dream (again).  I saw an imp in the master bedroom closet.  If any of you aren’t familiar with an imp, it’s a demon.  It was standing in the corner of the closet, gray in color with tiny horns sticking out of it’s head.  In the dream, I opened the closet door and saw it.  Horrified, I woke up and realized my husband had already left for work.

Later that day, when I was hanging up clothing, I opened the closet door, hesitantly, but nothing as there.  When I stepped into the closet, I felt the temperature drop and knew I wasn’t alone.  I quickly hung up the clothing and went about my business, trying to rationalize everything.

After that, I didn’t like sleeping in the bed without him, so when he left for work, I started sleeping on the couch.  The second encounter was a dream, too.  I saw a tabby cat walking down the short hallway of the condo toward the bathroom.  When it reached the bathroom door, it transformed into a man; a thin man with no defining features.  When the man turned to look at me, I remember thinking, “How is this possible?”  The man opened the bathroom door and slammed it, which is what woke me up; the bathroom door was open when my husband left.  When I woke, it was shut.

The next morning, things got worse.  I lay on the couch asleep when the next thing I knew I felt like something was laying right on top of me.  I couldn’t move.  I couldn’t open my eyes.  I couldn’t speak.  I could barely breath.  My hearing was even impaired.  I was literally paralyzed.  Now, my first thought is that I might be having a seizure, even though I had no history of this.  What smashed this theory was the smell; I smelled sulfur and rot.  That’s the only way I know to describe it.

I tried to pray, but the words wouldn’t come.  I couldn’t do anything to defend myself.  Finally, I was able to get the beginning syllable of “Jesus” out of my mouth and was immediately released.  I opened my eyes to find nothing unusual.  I wondered if I could be losing my mind.  I was concerned that I was having some kind of mental breakdown.


Age 21, 1998–Tennessee

A housekeeper came in daily to tidy up.  I spoke to her about everything that happened that week.  I remember how attentively she listened.  She was a beautiful African-American woman who I ended up forming a fleeting friendship with while I stayed in Columbus.  She encouraged me to tell my husband.  That night, I told him.  He didn’t judge me or think I was nuts.  In fact, because he was also a believer in demonic activity, he shared some things with me.  He explained that as a boy he woke up to dark figure at the end of his bed.  Even into early adulthood he was haunted by the figure.  I wondered if what was happening to me was directly related to him.

I sought prayer through my church and was anointed.  We also met with one of his friends who was very gifted spiritually.  However, he blamed me saying that it was likely attached to me because of something I must have done.  I didn’t care who was to blame, I just wanted it to stop.

Turns out these incidents were only the beginning of things to come.

Hope you enjoyed today’s post.  Please feel free to share 🙂  More to come next Saturday!


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