Bumps In the Night: Part 2–My Own Tales of the Paranormal

For some odd reason, this didn’t post correctly when I first posted it, so I’m doing it again.

Well it’s Saturday which means it’s time for another post about my own paranormal experiences.  It is really hard for me to blog during the week because of working full time and my mother/wife responsibilities.

Just a recap from Part 1, I lived in an old house that I believe was haunted.  Now we’re fast forwarding to the age of nineteen.  I married the first time (I’m on my third marriage–don’t judge me, we all make massive mistakes when we’re young LOL).  My husband and I moved into a rental.  It didn’t take long for me to feel uneasy.  At first I contributed it to the fact that it was the first time I’d really been away from home, I was alone a lot, and it was all very new to me.



The master bedroom was off of the kitchen.  Right beside the bed was the entrance to the bathroom.  In other words, I was able to lay my head down on the pillow and look right into the very small bathroom.

My husband left for work one morning.  I was half asleep and I heard the bathroom door, right beside my head, slam.  I thought he’d forgotten something, so I called out, “What’d you forget?”  I got no answer.  I thought that was odd, so I got up and opened the door to the bathroom.  My husband wasn’t in there.  I checked the entire house.  He was gone for work.  I was there by myself with doors slamming.  I contributed it to being half asleep and wrote it off as such.

The kitchen always made me feel very uneasy.  I got a dog (which I had to give back when my husband and I split up less than two months after we got married).  The dog would not go into the kitchen.  I sometimes sat in the living room and could hear pots and pans sliding around in the cabinets.  I assumed it was the house settling and that this caused things to shift inside the cabinets.

What really pushed me over the edge was I had a dream.  It was as vivid and as real to me as if I were awake.  I was standing in the bedroom that separated the living room from the master bedroom.  I watched as a figure, not a man nor a woman, wrote in blood on the wall.  I don’t remember that there was any significant phrase written in the blood, but when the figure turned to me, I felt pure evil.  It made me sick.  Then I hard a gun shot in the kitchen (in my dream) and walked into the kitchen and saw blood running from the walls.

I woke up and called my mom.  I told her everything that had happened.  She came immediately and brought anointing oil.  She prayed over the house.  Things calmed down.  I found out later that someone had committed suicide in the kitchen of that house.

After my first husband and I split up I went back to live with my parents and the dreams/visions once again stopped.  However, there was one night I was out riding around with a couple of friends and we ended up on some country road that was supposed to haunted.  I felt like something was literally sitting on the hood of the car.  I felt like I couldn’t catch my breath and I got sick at my stomach.  I remember knowing that we need to get off the road and we weren’t welcome there.



Looking back on it, I know that the dreams were my Creator’s way of telling me that something had happened in the house.  I always felt like something was watching me in the house.  In reality something probably was.  I believe it was the spirit of the person who killed themselves.  If I would have known then what I know now, I could have possibly helped them find peace, but I was young and was blinded by a lot of the fundamentalists beliefs that caused me to later become an atheist.  I am glad to say I am no longer an atheist, but we’ll get to all of that in future blogs.

Hope you enjoyed today’s share.  Again, I encourage you to share your stories and comment.   I know I’m not the only one that has experienced things.  In fact, if you are interested email me your experiences and I will compile them to share in a future blog.

Enjoy your Saturday everyone!

2 responses to “Bumps In the Night: Part 2–My Own Tales of the Paranormal

  1. WOW, Tracee. Chilled me to the bone to read about your dream. My daughter has dreams like this all the time. She also sees and hears and hears things while she is wide awake. I absolutely believe there is another side. Both positive and negative.


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