Author Interview- Tracee Ford

Hello everyone. Hows it going? Well I am happy to announce the next author that has graced my website with their presence. Tracee Ford-Photo

Her name is Tracee Ford and she has published a book called “The Fine Line.”  So let’s get to it. Click her book cover to buy your copy today!

Tracee ford-book cover

Q: What is your latest work? Title, Genre
A: The Fine Line, cross genre work—sci-fi/fantasy, horror, paranormal romance
Q: What draws you to your genre(s)? Why?
A: I am fascinated by the paranormal, first of all.  Secondly, I love historical homes because I can’t even image what would happen if those walls could talk.  I think that the paranormal is very much a part of everyday life and because we are so busy with other things, we lose sight of just how close we are to crossing that “fine line.”
Q: What is your writing process like? How do you get from start to finish with a novel?
A: I write a lot of rough drafts before I reach the final product.  I sometimes do very sketchy outlines, but I do best when I just get it down in paragraph form on paper.
Q: What kind of research was involved?
A: I research whatever the subject matter of the book is.  For example, with The Fine Line I interviewed an historical home owner and researched various aspects of paranormal phenomenon as well as drew from my own experiences.
Q: Are there any characters that embody some of your own personality? If you had to pick one who would it be?
A: Robin is the main female character.  There are some aspects of her that is very much like me, such as her career choice and her childhood experiences with the paranormal, but other than that, she stands alone completely a product of my imagination.
Q: How do you balance your time?
A: I usually write in the summer months when my son is visiting with his father.  I also write on weekends when I don’t have my son, but writing in the evenings is completely impossible.  I work full time outside of the home, attend Zumba classes every Tuesday and Thursday, and have very little spare time.
Q: Are there other authors that inspired you to write?
A: Not really.  I’ve always been the kind of person that beats to my own drum.
Q: Tell me about the story behind the story.
A: I lived in Southwestern Ohio in 2008 across the street from an historical home.  That was my inspiration for Pikeview Manor in the book.  The paranormal just sort of came to me.  It developed over time and as it developed, I just ran with it.
Q: Tell us about any other projects in the works?
A: I am working on several other projects.  They all have a paranormal component to them, but also are criminal suspense.
Q: What are your marketing strategies?  Can you tell us which have been most successful?
A: I am in absolutely every network I can be in, including LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.  I have contacted local media, who have been very supportive for the most part, and local businesses who may be interested in distributing the book.  I have contacted libraries as well.
Q: How many years have you been writing? Are there any anecdotes about how you got into writing?
A: I have been writing since the age of 16.  I got into writing just because I’ve always loved to tell stories.  It sort of grew from there.

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