I Like to Move It, Move It!!!

I am going to share with you an addiction of mine.  The side effects are sweating, heightened adrenaline output, insane thirst, and extreme euphoria.  Additional side effects may include, racing heart, heavy breathing, and muscle tension.  What am I addicted to?  ZUMBA

I was introduced to this awesome activity in the Fall of 2012.  A lady I work with, Lori Hafer, is an instructor.  I went once to her class and was hooked!  When the time changed for us here in Ohio and it started getting dark at 5:00 p.m., the drive home from class got a little treacherous.  I had been going to her class right after work on Tuesday and Thursday and I have a half hour drive home afterward.  To avoid possibly hitting a deer on the way home, I looked up an instructor closer to where I live.  That’s how I found Autumn Adams

She and Lori are truly talented instructors.  Because I love their classes so much, I made sure I mentioned it in my bio for my book.  In fact it’s mentioned on every one of my bio’s including Goodreads, Amazon, BookLocker, the Paranormal Romance Guild, and LinkedIn.

I have gone through exercise programs, weight lifting, and just about any other regimented exercise program that you can image, but ZUMBA has kept my interest longer than anything else.  It is unlike any exercise I’ve ever done.  I love it because it’s dancing.  I love dancing!  I may not be good at it or the most graceful, but ZUMBA gives me an opportunity to dance for an hour twice a week.  Trust me, if I could fit it in more, I would! 

ImageAutumn and Lori are excellent instructors.  I believe the instructor can make or break an activity.  Yes, of course, the majority of motivation and enjoyment is up to you, but as is true with anything that requires instruction, your teacher will be your guide and if they are having fun, you will have fun. 

So because both of these women have been such an inspiration to me, they are my February Business of the Month (http://traceeford.com). 

They have taught me the love of being physically active like no one else has.  ZUMBA in and of itself is an awesome way to get in shape and clear your head, but having two wonderful instructors is a double blessing for me.

In another blog I will give you some background about me and my battle with weight, but for now, I want the focus to be on these two wonderful woman and what they provide to our local communities!

Thanks to both of you!!!!  Keep movin’ and a shakin’!

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