The character of Matthew Gregory

Today’s blog is about the character of Matthew Gregory from my first novel, The Fine Line.


Matt is the compassionate doctor who helps Robin with her injured ankle.  He takes a special interest in her.  He isn’t your typical doctor either.

He’s a thirty-six year old hottie with dark messy hair, dark eyes, and a stylishly cut goatee.  He graduated from Ohio State University’s medical school and married for the first time when he was quite young.  He talks to Robin about what a massive mistake the marriage was, but he’s thankful for his daughter, the result of the marriage.

Even though he is outstandingly handsome, he hasn’t dated much.  He is very particular about the women he chooses.  He’s been hurt deeply and taken for granted.  However, his instant connection with Robin Hillard cancels out all of that insecurity.  Luckily, his advances toward her are well received.

Matt was raised by working middle class parents in Middletown, Ohio.  Although his father died of a terminal illness, his mother is still alive.  The death of Matt’s father paved the way for he and his brother to reconcile.

Matt is romantic, he is compassionate, and his love for Robin is intoxicating.  He becomes a teacher to her, a best friend, and a true partner.  He is ambitious and driven.  He is a wonderful father, too.  Nonetheless, he has a tremendous flaw; one that Robin finds hard to ignore.  He is a skeptic to the core.  He believes that if he cannot see something or touch it, then it doesn’t exist.  His work as a doctor in the emergency room has played a huge part in his atheistic point of view.  He doesn’t believe there is anything beyond this life; that when we die that’s it for us.  He doesn’t discover that Robin isn’t on the same page until after they are married.


It’s Matt’s idea to purchase Pikeview Manor.  He introduces the home to Robin during a romantic picnic.  He has no idea that after the restoration their lives will change thanks to the others living in the house.  Even when he comes face to face with situations related to the paranormal mayhem, he still manages to deny what’s right in front of him.

So how does he learn to handle all of the paranormal activity in the newly restored Pikeview Manor?  With such a strong stance against any type of spiritual faith, how is it possible for him to make sense of everything he is seeing his wife go through?  Perhaps he thinks she’s losing her mind.  But, he cannot deny what his daughter, Olivia, tells him about her own experiences.  So, Matt provides support to his family in such a turbulent time, even if he doesn’t understand everything that’s happening.

Will Matt learn to trust something he doesn’t understand?  Will he come to realize that what is happening is, in fact, possible and not projections from Robin’s imagination?


Want to find out more about Matt Gregory?  You can!  You can pick up your copy of the book, The Fine Line, at  I think you will fall in love with him just like Robin did.


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