Managing Melodies

Someone once told me that when you display your faith, get ready for it to be tested.  In the last three weeks I have been displaying my faith, I suppose.  When the newspapers interviewed me, my platform was “The Power of Positivity.”  When I went on the radio Monday, I continued with that platform.  So, yesterday when my husband called me to tell me that the pipe in our bedroom burst and 5 rooms in the house were flooded, I shouldn’t have been surprised. 

I now know that when you step out and express your convictions and how much you value positivity, your Creator, and the inspiration your Creator gives you, the bar is raised to either fight the invisible battle between good and evil or to test your words of undying faith. Either way, I was not prepared yesterday. 

Since my life changed in April 2012 and I began to see the Creator on a new and more powerful level, I quit worrying about things.  I don’t fret anymore.  I know that the Creator handles everything on my behalf and for that I’m thankful.  Yesterday was the first time I’ve “worried” since April and, let me tell you, I’d forgotten how exhausting it is.  I’d forgotten just had detrimental it is to the soul.  I felt achy, tired, defeated, and utterly obliterated. 

I talked to my husband, the insurance company, and the clean up crew off and on all day yesterday.  With each call, I could feel a heaviness baring down on me; a heaviness I hadn’t felt since April.  I didn’t recognize the heaviness until this morning; that nagging negativity that sucks the life out of your being.  Amidst the chaos and destruction of yesterday, I lost sight of the Creator and the still small voice.  I kept getting comfort throughout the day, but I wasn’t sure what waited for me when I got home.  All I could go on is what everyone told me over the phone.

I am so glad that my life is a work in progress; that He never gives up on me.  That he can make teachable moments out of the most horrible things.  I kept thanking the Creator in my mind that no one was hurt, but I still felt the burden of worry resting on my shoulders.

Last night after work, as I stood in my living room looking at the industrial fans and the dehumidifier that the clean up crew put in place, I could only cry.  And then I heard it; the still small voice saying, “Now, aren’t you glad it’s wasn’t a fire?”  Glass half full.  My answer… “yes.” 

I am thankful that I was able to sleep in my house last night.  I am glad hat the damage was minimal.  I thank the Creator that this is all going to work out to His glory and for the betterment of me as a person.  I know this is a large bump in the road, but my belief in the power of positivity hasn’t been scorched.  I still believe that in every event there is some source of positive energy that can feed the human soul.  It took me waking up this morning with a fresh outlook to find the food for my soul and that I can express it in this blog.

Each time I write about something wonderful, it feeds my spirit.  Each time I thank the Creator with the words that I put on paper (or on the computer screen, whichever works), I can feel my spirit strengthening.  Bad things happen all of the time to all people, but I truly believe it’s how we handle those situations that determines the true outcome.  See it, dream it, attain it!  That’s a believe I won’t waiver from.  This situation with my house will give me opportunities; what sorts of opportunities, I’m not sure, but the Creator knows.  I trust Him.  So, I know that no matter what, His hand is in everything and He guides not only me, but those who come into contact with me, even if they don’t know it.  We are all instruments.  It’s up to us as to how we let the Creator manage our melodies.

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