“I do believe in spooks, I do believe in spooks… I do, I do, I do!”

If you are a fan of The Wizard of Oz then you know that the title came from the Cowardly Lion.  I happened to agree with him, although I don’t call them “spooks.”

In my last blog I mentioned James Emmitt and gave a very brief overview of him.  In today’s blog, I’m going to give you the paranormal history of the Emmitt family and the prestigious Emmitt House Hotel and Restuarant.

In the summer of 2012 I formed a ghost hunting group called Southern Ohio Ghost Hunters (http://www.facebook.com/TheSouthernOhioGhostHunters).  We visited several places, but we started our hunt at the Emmitt Cemetery in Waverly, Ohio.  We caught some profound footage of apparitions and ghosts during that first hunt.  To be honest, I had no idea what the name of the cemetery was when I went nor did I know anything of its history.  I went in cold.  I didn’t want to know anything.  I wanted to see if I could get some genuine readings when I went in.  Sometimes when I go places I get feelings, for a lack of a better term.  Honestly, I get a lot more than feelings, but now isn’t the time to get into that; a future blog, maybe.

Anyway, a member of my team told me that the daughters of James Emmitt were buried in the cemetery.  Toward the far end of the cemetery is a tall marker in the shape of woman.  The legend says that the grave marker was burned.  I have a photograph here showing the grave stone. 


It is said that one sister hanged herself and the other shot herself.  These sisters have allegedly been spotted wandering the graveyard.  I’m not sure we caught any footage of the sisters, but we certainly had our fair share of activity that evening.  The one thing that stood out to me most about the grave marker was that even though it had been torched and damaged by fire, there were portions of it that still looked like it glowed white.Image

The Emmitt House Restaurant and Hotel has quite the history.  James Emmitt started this establishment.  Before I even knew I had “radar,” I walked into the restaurant to pick up food one day.  Our crew at work ordered from there.  I was standing in the foyer with a co-worker simply waiting.  All I can tell you is that I felt as if a thousand eyes are on you.  I had no idea of the history at that time either.  I just felt very uneasy.

The Emmitt House is no longer in business but has been the hub for ghost hunting, especially by Eyes of the Paranormal Team.  There are mannequins in the windows of the establishment, which I thought very strange until I heard why they were used.  A member of my team told me that the past owners had to put them in the windows because people complained that there were individuals walking around in the upstairs and staring out the windows.

 I have never taken a tour of the facility myself.  In fact, the day we visited the cemetery is the day we were supposed to do a ghost hunt at the restaurant.  However, the tour was canceled.  I didn’t feel peace about hunting there anyway.

The ghost of James Emmitt is believed to still occupy the Emmitt House.  Some have seen him smoking his pipe even. Past employees say they can smell cigar smoke and sometimes see a woman in an apron cleaning.  There are allegedly two children that wander the building and it’s believed that these children are members of the Harper family.  The Harpers were nearly wiped out by smallpox while staying at the hotel. Furthermore, past employees who worked in the basement often encountered the ghosts of slaves who could have died while traveling the Underground Railroad.  There were loud noises reported also.

Although I haven’t been in the restaurant to eat or to tour (other than the time I picked up our lunch there), my recent photo shoot took place where James Emmitt’s office was thought to have been.  The visit to the basement was a compelling reminder that we were only guests in the house.  The basement (presently a game room), is arched and the walls are solid brick.  Jennifer, the photographer, told me that it served as a tunnel to James Emmitt’s home across the street and likely was a route on the Underground Railroad. 

Before hearing any of this, my radar went up again as we went from the main floor to the basement.  The instant I walked into the basement, I felt a complete change.  The atmosphere was different.  It felt as if someone was listening to every word that was being said.  Jennifer told me that her in-laws have seen things in the basement.  I don’t doubt it with the types of energy I felt.    

I believe in the paranormal, which is why I write about it.  There is so much of our current world that overlaps into the next.  Some things we are completely aware of and some things, not so much.  Whenever the hair stands up on your arms and neck, you better believe you’ve been touched by someone from the world you can’t see.  Sometimes they are generous enough to let us glimpse darkly into the world they’ve transformed to, but more often than not, unless you’re aware of the possibilities surrounding you, you don’t notice the others trying to communicate with you and get your attention.


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