“Memories worth a Thousand Words…”


Tonight’s blog is going to focus on a great, new business in my local area.  Jennifer Hobbs is a budding, talented photographer who graciously offered to do a complimentary shoot with me today.  She is a mother of three and she also is an A.C.E. rep in my area.

We discussed possible venues for the shoot a week or so ago.  Her in-laws home in thought to be where James Emmitt’s office quarters were in the 1800’s.  It is across the street from the home where James Emmitt and his family resided.

James Emmitt is a major part of Pike County history.  He was one of the town’s first entrepreneurs and became wealthy from the activities on the canal in Waverly.  However, there is a darker side to the Emmitt legacy, filled with mysticism and scandal.  This discussion is more appropriate for a future post.  The thing to keep in mind for this blog is that the house in which Hobbs hosted me today is a piece of Pike county history.  In fact, the basement has a brick tunnel that leads to the main house across the street.  The tunnel was also thought to be a route on the underground railroad.  The setting was perfect because of my book and the fact that the couple restores an historical home built in the 1800’s.  It just fit!

Aside from the appropriate venue for the photo shoot, Hobbs was exceptional.  She allowed me to have some creative input also.  She was willing to accommodate any request I had.

As you will see from some of the sample photos below, her work speaks for itself.  She had proofs to me within mere hours and they were everything I hoped they’d be.  Professional, awesome, accommodating, and creative!

Local people helping local people is all about what community stands for.  That is exactly what I intend to do.  Jennifer Hobbs Photography is the January business featured on my website.  I will also make sure that every signing, every public event, every important thing that I do will involve her as my photographer.  Great job Jen!!!!

163312_516564575041245_1574867243_n      58594_516565381707831_286054200_n

582286_516565808374455_354923891_n     74386_516564555041247_719595665_n

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