Dedication to Child Welfare Workers

Right now, somewhere, a children services worker is working hard to make sure that a child is safe. They hold their bladder because they do not have time to use the restroom because the phone won’t stop ringing long enough for them to take a bathroom break. They are starving because they have missed lunch because of all of the child welfare drama surrounding their clients. They are standing at a gasoline pump filling up their car because they have used all that’s in their tank to make home visits and keep up with their client families. Somewhere there’s a caseworker that’s being cussed out, screamed at, threatened, told how do to their job, told that they’re not doing their job, and/or are being disrespected by a client, a referral source, society, and/or by public officials. They are missing time with their family because their job doesn’t stop at 4 or 4:30. They are working late and they are getting up early. They are sitting at the hospital with a child that feels hopeless with no place to hang their hat and call home. They are busy answering pager calls at night while everyone else is sound asleep. They are making phone calls on weekends and holidays just to ensure that someone else’s child is protected. They are missing time with their family because they have either been called out to deal with something or they are in another room talking on the phone because the pager has gone off and interrupted the time they are with their family. They are working late missing ball games and other family events with their own children. They are trying to make sure that each child has a good life in a safe, healthy environment. This is the life of a children services caseworker. Re-post if you love a children services worker or any type of caseworker or just appreciate the work that these fearless souls do. Thanks to all the social workers and child welfare workers out there making sure that kids are safe!


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