Feature in Pike County Paper

Local author publishes first paranormal romance


By Stephanie Stanley


Tracy Bradford Wilson, of Piketon, recently published her first novel, “The Fine Line”. After receiving many rejection letters from various publishers, Wilson’s book was well received by BookLocker.com, a print-on-demand publication based in Florida.


Posted: Friday, January 11, 2013 11:57 am

By Stephanie Stanley or the News Watchman

Tracy Bradford Wilson believes that “anything is achievable through the power of positivity.”

Wilson, of Piketon, says she could “paper the walls” with rejection letters she received after submitting her book, “The Fine Line”, to various publishers.

“Getting a contract was the biggest challenge I faced in this journey,” said Wilson. “One rejection said it was too ‘Hollywood horror’, and another said it was ‘too inspirational’- completely opposite views. Another said that the characters were too perfect and didn’t have enough flaws.”

After submitting her work to BookLocker.com, a publisher in Florida which specializes in print-on-demand books, she was quickly contacted to sign a publication contract. “The Fine Line”, published under Wilson’s pen name, Tracee Ford, officially became available for sale on 1/7/13.

After becoming inspired by a house located across the street from her residence, Wilson began writing her novel in 2008. The story, set in Southwestern Ohio, falls under the genres of paranormal romance, sci-fi, horror and fantasy.

“My story follows the life of Dr. Matthew Gregory and Robin Hillard who meet, fall passionately in love, marry and settle into their newly restored historical dream home originally constructed in the 1800s,” said Wilson. “However, their dreams of a happy life together are challenged by misfortune surrounding the purchase of the home. Soon, they realize that they have stepped into another world, filled with spirits, paranormal phenomenon, and unexplainable realities.”

As the story progresses, the couple experience traumas that “challenge their personal beliefs, the stability of their marriage and most of all, their sanity.”

“The Gregory family soon learns that there is a fine line between the world they live in and the world that they can’t see,” said Wilson. “They seek direction through organized religion as well as through unconventional methods in an effort to understand the strange world of the paranormal.”

Wilson says she doesn’t want readers to be “mislead” by the genre of her book.

“Ultimately, the family grows stronger and the relationship between Robin and Matt becomes unbreakable. They finally realize that they can face anything as long as they are together and have faith,” said Wilson. “There is a deep inspirational element to this book; one that is meant to encourage readers that even in the darkest of times, it is possible to rise triumphantly from the ashes.”

A writer since the age of 16, Wilson’s earliest works included poetry and non-fiction. These days, Wilson is a member of the Paranormal Romance Guild, writes articles for an e-Zine (www.articlesfactory.com) and writes plays and scripts for community puppet shows.

When she isn’t immersed in the world of paranormal romance, romantic suspense and crime novels, Wilson works as a Supervisor for a local child protection agency. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her husband, son and family.

“I usually do most of my writing in the summer while my son is with his dad,” said Wilson. “I also write on the weekends when my son is gone. If I’m lucky, I can write in the evenings, but honestly, that isn’t so easy to do.”

To get the word out about her book, Wilson has contacted local libraries, newspapers, TV news and radio stations. She says she is also an active Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn user and a blogger.

“I have a blog on WordPress.com, and I also feel that writing for the e-Zine will help publicize my novel,” said Wilson. “The Paranormal Romance Guild has also provided me with an author page and they are in the process of completing a book review.”

According to Wilson, readers who are looking for an “easy read” need look no further than “The Fine Line.”

“I think my book is easy to follow, and most readers want a good and easy read,” said Wilson. “You may have sensational content, but if the book isn’t written with a certain flow, then it isn’t going to be successful. While my book has some horror components, it is filled with wonderful positives. It has a very happy ending.”

“The Fine Line” is available for sale at www.booklocker.com.

“It is $15.95 for paperback, and the eBook will be available through BookLocker.com later this month for $4.99. I will also be doing book signings very soon in both Pike and Scioto County,” said Wilson. “When publishing my book, I knew that I couldn’t just go after big-name publishers. BookLocker has been wonderful to work with. I saw the end result and I ran to it, and it is so rewarding to know that I did it and didn’t give up. I have a motto on my website that I live by. Dream it! If you can see what you want, there’s nothing holding you back. Obtain it!”


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