7 Writers Get To Strut Their Stuff (The Seven-Line Challenge)


The Seven-Line Challenge!

Patti Garcia, a very accomplished woman I met on LinkedIn, included me in the 7 line challenge and I am just getting around to doing this.

Here are my lines from page 7 of The Fine Line, my paranormal romance novel that came out Monday.  It is the first time Robin Hillard and Dr. Matthew Gregory meet (not very dramatic, but here it is):

His dark brown hair was a tussled mess. It was shaggy with the front
swept to the side. His scrubs were navy blue which complimented his
light complexion.

Robin still struggled to find consciousness; she heard his sneakers
scuff the floor when he shifted his weight. He smiled when her eyes
finally opened to meet his gaze. His face was gorgeous. He had a
precisely cut goatee and his smile made her blush. Her pulse sped as
she took in all of his features.

“Miss Hillard, I’m Dr. Gregory. Your friend tells me that you fell at
a softball game?”

His hand moved from her forehead to his pocket as he pulled out a
light pen. He flashed it in her eyes. Squinting and still irritated, she sat
up and groaned. Her body felt lifeless as her energy level continued

It is now my turn to tag 7 other writers, whose works are varied both in product and stage, to keep the challenge going: (https://www.smashwords.com/profile/view/ShastaDaisy) Jean Macintyre, ( http://facebook.com/TinaFrisco) Tina Frisco, http://www.skylamadi.com Skyla Madi, (http://www.facebook.com/authorjuliebeck) Julie Beck, (http://www.thehealingroads.com )Arteria Stevens, (http://jodimcclure.wordpress.com/ ) Jodi McClure, (http://lindapoitevin.com ) Linda Poitevin

Here is what you do:  Go to line 7 on either page 7 or page 77 of your manuscript and do a post with the next 7 lines, then tag 7 people to keep the challenge going! This a short and savvy way to see what others out there in the blogosphere are writing.


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