Head Out on the Highway

I never completely understood what “the internet superhighway” meant until I embarked on this journey of becoming a published author.  I have joined countless social networking sites, which has been very valuable!  Just today, I have more likes on my author page than I have since it went up. 

I am networking with some wonderful people, including budding authors and veteran writers willing and able to give support.  I hope I can give them just as much support as I learn the ropes of this competitive, yet welcoming business. 

Today has been very, very exciting and all of my social networking buddies have celebrated it with me.  I appreciate that, truly. My book came out today, as I posted earlier (http://booklocker.com/books/6641.html) and there have been so many there to cheer me forward, wishing me luck and offering support.  I have never seen so much traffic via the internet regarding something that I’ve been personally involved in.  It’s exhilarating. 

So, for those of you that are following me on Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, and LinkedIn, as well as any other sites, I want to thank you for all of your endearment today.  It has meant more than you’ll ever know.

Now I want to get to the meat of this blog:  The importance of social networking.  If you are an author, like myself, or a small business owner, I can’t tell you how valuable social networking is.  When BookLocker signed me on and gave me their marketing guide, I read it from cover to cover and the one thing that took up an entire chapter was the importance of social networking.  Not only is it free, but it can touch thousands and thousands of people from across the world.

For example, through Twitter, I contacted people to complete a book review.  Two of those that I contacted are completing this task.  One of them lives in Australia.  Therefore, a word to the wise:  USE SOCIAL NETWORKING TO MARKET YOUR PRODUCT.  It is very early on in the sales portion of my journey, but if it ends up the way I think it might, I can thank the internet and free publicity for it.


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