What Made Me Do It?


As I sat talking about my aspirations of publishing The Fine Line with a close friend of mine, she asked me what made me decide to write the book.  I couldn’t explain it all at once, but now that I’ve thought about it, I have an answer.  So, this blog is for you Shannon.

I lived in Southwestern Ohio from 1998 to 2003.  I then moved back to my hometown in Southern Ohio.  However, the need for work took center stage, so I moved back to Southwestern Ohio in 2007 where I stayed until December 2010.  In 2008 we moved into a house right across the street from one of the oldest houses in town.  It had actually been approved as a historical home and was on the registry.  It was by accident that I even got to go inside.  A summer storm blew through and lightening hit one of their trees.  They didn’t know that this had happened, so when my boyfriend (husband now) and I went to tell them, they let us walk through the house.

I fell in love with it.  Pikeview Manor in the book is an exact replica of that home in Southwestern Ohio.  The difference is that Pikeview is in a country setting, which isn’t a far stretch from the area in Southwestern Ohio.  There are plenty of spread out houses in the country with wooded areas surrounding the houses.

As far as Robin Hillard’s character, I took many of my own experiences and put them right into her life.  Please keep in mind when you read the book that not all of the experiences are my own.  The fact that she works in the child welfare system and is not so graceful on her feet comes directly from me.  Her experiences with spirits and haunting as a child also come from me.  Her tragic experiences are completely make-believe though, so when you read the book don’t think that her tragedies came from my own life.  It’s not an autobiography.  It’s a fictional love story.  Remember that!

Matthew and Olivia Gregory’s characters were born right in my mind.  They came directly from my imagination and draft after draft is what developed them to perfection.

I originally finished the book in the Winter of 2011.  Another close friend of mine, Eileen, was the first to get her hands on the copy.  She read it for me.  It was supposed to be a series, but it’s amazing how ideas start and then change over time.  Once she read it and liked it, I began contacting publishers.  However, I was hammered with rejections. 

In April 2012 my life changed.  I had my eyes opened to another kind of spiritualism.  The book originally had a religious fundamentalist slant, but when my life changed I knew the book had to change, too.  So, I literally rewrote it.  After I changed many of the components in the book, I felt peace with it and knew it was okay to start back on the long road of trying to get it published.

I had one person step up and give me sound advice on the content of the book.  She works for a very reputable publisher and took the time to teach me so much.  Still, the publisher didn’t pick up the book.  The inspirational component in the story wasn’t a selling point for them.  Honestly, it seems that the paranormal romance genre is inundated with werewolves and vampires right now, so really, my book is off the beaten path.  Just like me to be beating to a different drum.

Still, it was rejected over and over.  One publisher said it was too “Hollywood horror.”  Many  gave no explanation.  I almost gave up when I received one last rejection.  Then someone on Facebook suggested I look into publishing it as an Ebook.  That’s when I found BookLocker.  They jumped at the chance to publish it.  I have been beating the bricks (via the internet) trying to promote the book since I signed the contract.  I’ve started a Twitter account (which I have no idea how to navigate through yet), I purchased my own domain, I started this blog, and I’ve started writing articles and excerpts in Ezines.  I have used the marketing guide provided by BookLocker, step by step.  I created two Facebook pages.  I’ve contacted local and national distributors.  I’ve contact local libraries, radio stations, and newspapers. 

I don’t want to get famous.  I want to touch people with a story of great love that overcomes sinister evil.  I want people to know that there’s more than just what we see and understand; that there’s a bigger world around us, much closer to us in our every day lives than we ever thought possible.  That’s why I wrote the book.  That’s why I’ve pushed forward, determined to get the book in the hands of readers. 


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